Day in a Life

Day in a Life

Computer science programs and courses combine academic studies with a hands-on practical focus. To prepare our graduates for success we emphasize:

  • a firm academic background so that graduates can pursue further academic studies
  • current marketable skills
  • student driven choices for their career path

Associate of Science Degree (Area of Concentration: Computer Science):
Depending on your interests, take a selection of courses that transfers directly into the third year of Computer Science or other programs at the major BC universities. The optional co-operative work terms also transfer to the universities.

Some universities have a preference for transfer students with an Associate Degree.

Computer Studies Diploma graduates can enter the information technology industry with a specialization in a number of different areas or transfer to a major university.
As one of our graduates, you may work in the industry, or build on what you know and take advanced courses from Langara College or a university. You can enrol in any course, as long as you have the required prerequisites.

Students gain hands-on experience in well-equipped labs using state-of-the-art computing facilities. The Computer Science Department uses three labs containing Pentium computers. A Novell Netware network provides file and printing services as well as connections to an IBM RS/6000 UNIX System and to the Internet.

In addition, the Program has its own lab for specialized training in hardware electronics, computer architecture, data communications and networking. Software includes programming languages (eg. C++, Java, JavaScript), operating systems (Win2000, UNIX, Linux) as well as advanced database and network analysis tools.