Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Business, industry and governments all require employees with various levels of training in Information Technology. Senior positions are usually held by individuals with considerable work experience. Graduates are well prepared for entry level positions as programmers, systems analysts, programmer analysts, application developers, developers of Internet based systems, as well as jobs related to computer support functions, such as support for PC/network and users.


Industry Recognition

Langara College's computer science programs are guided by an Advisory Committee made up of industry leaders. The Advisory Committee meets regularly and advises on program changes required to keep program content current and in step with industry needs. Many of the Advisory Committee members are employers who participate in the Co-op option of the programs. Employer participation is one of the reasons for strong industry recognition for our programs.

The success of our graduates, however, is by far the strongest statement in support of the quality of skills and training the students receive towards becoming successful professionals in the design, implementation, testing, and maintenance of business-oriented information systems.

The Associate Degree is primarily intended for students planning on transferring to a university to complete a baccalaureate degree. Since many courses in the Associate Degree are common with our diploma (limited enrollment/career) programs, you have the option of starting your Information Technology career before proceeding to complete your 4-year degree.

See the career path choices available for our computer science graduates.