Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have an override for the Math prerequisite for CPSC 1160/2150?

If in high school or at another post-secondary institution you have:

  • passed precalculus with a B, or
  • passed calculus with a C, or
  • passed precalculus with a C+ and calculus with a C-

Then please speak to the Computer Science Advisor. Otherwise, no you must go and do the math requirement.

Can I have an override to take CPSC #### for the third time?

Please book an appointment with the Computer Science Advisor to discuss your academic plans.

I need CPSC #### to graduate, but it is full. Can I have an override into the course?

Is this the last course you need to graduate? If so, please contact the Computer Science advisor.

If not, is there another course you could take instead? If so, no you cannot have an override. Otherwise, make sure you are on the waitlist for the course, then shortly before the semester starts email the instructor to see if there is room in the course.

I achieved a C- in a prerequisite course, but I need a C to take the next course. Can you give me a C or an override into the next course?

No. You need to achieve the appropriate prerequisites to take the course.

I successfully wrote the MDT but my results haven't been posted yet. May I have an override into CPSC 1160?

Please contact the Computer Science Advisor and provide evidence of the result of your MDT.

Should I do the co-op option for my Diploma of Computer Studies/Associate of Computer Science?

We recommend that you do! Having work experience when you graduate is valuable! To see if co-op is right for you visit the Co-op and Career Development Centre.