General Information

General Information

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a degree program for students interested in careers in the fields of Accounting, Business, International Business or Marketing. It is student-centred, and its primary aim is to give graduates real business skills - the skills that employers are looking for. The program can be completed in four years if taken on a full-time basis (five courses per semester); however, students have the flexibility of attending part-time if they so desire. The BBA is designed to give students maximum flexibility in delivery methods and schedules. Courses, particularly in the third and fourth year, are offered in the evening, on weekends, and online (in whole or in part).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Are you a BBA student? 

The BBA program curriculum (including Accounting, Marketing, International Business and Management) is under review, and intake of new students will be paused beginning January 1, 2025.

Students who are currently enrolled in the BBA, or who start before intake is paused, will be able to complete their degree. All required courses will be offered to ensure students can complete all necessary elements of their BBA program.

If you are currently enrolled in a two-year business diploma program or a two-year university transfer diploma program with the Langara School of Management, rest assured that this will have no impact on your studies in the diploma program. If your intent is to transfer into the BBA, we encourage you to apply immediately. 

Please visit our FAQ page or connect with us about your BBA program by visiting B201 to talk to our Advisors or email  


The BBA has concentrations in Accounting, Business Management, International Business Management, and Marketing Management. Each of these concentrations provides graduates with expertise in their subject area as well as a thorough understanding of all aspects of business. As well, students have the opportunity to take a variety of non-business courses so that they graduate with a well-rounded education. The BBA Accounting concentration includes the requirements necessary to maximize exemptions for the professional accounting associations (CGA, CMA, CA).

In the first two years (minimum 60 credits) of the degree, students are advised to complete diploma requirements in one of the following programs: Accounting, Business Management, Financial Management, or Marketing Management. Students who plan their courses accordingly may opt to exit after completing diploma requirements. Students who complete diploma and degree requirements will graduate with both credentials.

In keeping with the emphasis of providing students with real business skills, all concentrations of the BBA require that students complete at least one type of work experience before registering in BUSM 4200: Strategic Management. Co-op allows students to obtain real work experience and demonstrate mastery of new skills. An alternate option for those who already have business experience may be a 420-hour flexible assessment based on past work. Students are encouraged to visit the Co-op & Career Development Centre office early in the program to discuss options and timing.

Co-operative Education Option

Students who wish to participate in this option must maintain above-average academic standing and demonstrate potential for success in their chosen professional field.

Diploma students can complete 1-2 work terms and BBA students can complete 1-4 work terms. A minimum of one work term for the diploma or a minimum of three work terms for the BBA need to be completed in order for the co-op designation to be recognized on the student’s transcript.

Participating in the co-op process allows students to better define their value and skill set as well as understand the hiring cycle. By completing multiple co-op work terms, students are able to explore career options related to their field of study. Students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge, to develop skills in a practical work setting, and to gain related experience before commencing their professional careers. Co-op students often land full-time roles in their field of study prior to graduation as a result of participating in co-op.

There are two access routes for admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Program:

  • First-Year Entry
  • Third-Year Entry

For more information, please visit Admission Requirements.