This Post Degree Diploma in Business Administration (PDD-BA) is for students who hold a bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue a career in business.  It is student-centred, and its primary aim is to give graduates real business skills – the skills that employers are looking for.

This PDD-BA is a two-year program consisting of four semesters of in-class studies plus a one semester experiential work term which provides students with a career experience work placement.  This program will be offered in the daytime during weekdays.

Project Management Option

Students in the Post-Degree Diploma in Business Administration program have the option of completing an additional Advanced Project Management Certificate during their course of study in their work experience term (term four). The Advanced Project Management Certificate is a non-credit program that provides students with practical skills covering all aspects of professional applied project management. Study is part-time on Saturdays with a blended learning format. For more information, please contact Yasmin Virji at yvirji@langara.ca.