Careers in Biology

Careers in Biology

Careers in biology can take you anywhere in the world.

Biology and Ecology at Langara can be a stepping-stone to a B.Sc. (and further study) in the biological sciences. It can also lead to a number of professional or technical schools and a wide variety of career options.

If your interests are focused on molecular biology or microbiology, some of the relevant employment opportunities include research or technical support in biotechnology, the food and dairy industry, hospitals, universities, government labs, wineries, breweries, or agricultural labs.

Ecological opportunities can be found in habitat restoration, conservation, behavioral ecology, and studies of energy and nutrient flow in a variety of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (including tropical rain forests and coral reefs).

Other opportunities can be found in science journalism, technical writing for manuals or educational materials, education at all levels, criminal and patent law, public policy-making and public health.