Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Application Deadline

All admission requirements must be complete and documentation submitted by the following dates:

IntakeApplications OpenApplication Deadline
January  February 1 May 31
May  June 1 September 30

Admission Requirements:

Please refer to the information regarding general requirements for Admission and Application to Langara College programs.

Academic Requirements

Applicants must be currently registered and licensed as a full scope Licensed Practical Nurse in the province of British Columbia.

  1. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.33 in courses required for admission (see 2.)
  2. Applicants must complete the following courses with a minimum "C+" grade (unless otherwise noted):
    • ENGL 1100, 1123, 1127, or 1128 (or equivalent); and
    • Any university-transferable English course that is not equivalent to ENGL 1100, 1123, 1127, or 1128; and
    • BIOL 11901, 2; and
    • BIOL 11911, 2; and
    • PSYC 2321 with a minimum "C+" grade2; or STAT 1123 with a minimum "A" grade2; or STAT 1124 with a minimum "C+" grade2.


  1. To meet program requirements BIOL 1190 and 1191, or equivalents must be completed at the same institution. 
  2. Must be completed within five years prior to the application deadline.

Program Preference

Preference may be given to applicants with higher than the minimum GPA or a bachelor's or higher degree from a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution.

Applicants who receive offers of admission must submit the following:

  • a satisfactory Criminal Records Review
  • a complete and current Immunization and Communicable Disease Form
  • certification in CPR Basic Life Support (BLS) or equivalent
  • official transcript from Practical Nursing program


For details on transferability, check British Columbia Council on Admissions & Transfer.