Fully Immerse in Korea and China’s Business and Historical Culture

May 28-31, 2018 Pre-Departure Orientation and Lectures at Langara

June 2-22, 2018 in China and South Korea (3 weeks)

Program Fee:  $3,138 less $750 Subsidy. NEW rate: $2,388!! (Fee is subject to fluctuation due to change in itinerary and/or exchange rate)

NOTE: Generous awards and scholarships are available to all qualified applicants.  Please contact Kenneth Wong or Financial Aid office for more information. 

Equivalent to:
INTB 2000: Introduction to International Business
AND ASIA 3386: Asian Century: Modern Korea
Total: 6 University-Transfer Credits

Instructors Kenneth Wong and Avram Agov will lead you through a 21-day itinerary to China (Hong Kong and Shenzhen) and Korea (Seoul and Busan), packed full of experiential learning through visits to local businesses, as well as historical and cultural sites.  

By visiting various top ranking universities, including University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Polytechnic, Yonsei University, Seoul National University, Busan University, among others, we will offer a glimpse of university life through lectures on campus.  Students will have ample free time to explore each city on their own.  Most weekends and evenings will be kept free for your personal adventure.

Hong Kong is a major financial centre of Asia, bringing together the old and new in the once colonized city of 7 million people. Experience the bustling pace of city life, rewarded by a wide variety of cuisine all around town at the end of the day.

Shenzhen, home to tech giants like Tencent and Huawei, is a showcase of Chinese's modernization that spanned only 25 years, during which it grew from a village to the mega metropolitan city it is today. 

Seoul, the two-millennia-old South Korean economy with over 20 million people, is the symbol of one of the Asian Tigers. Visits of cultural areas like Insadong will familiarize students with culture, history and traditions, while Gangnam will give you a sense of the trendy eateries and popular Korean cosmetics retail industry. Trips to Seoul open markets, Suwon and Yongin, where Samsung Electronics plant and other businesses are located, will provide invaluable first-hand experience for South Korean business.  

Busan is the second largest city and a gateway of South Korea with the 9th busiest sea port in the world, and is the location of 40% of South Korean industry, including corporate powerhouses like Hyundai Motors and Pohang Steel, among others.