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Langara College and the University of Sussex

The Qualifying Law Degree Programme at Langara College prepares students for further study toward a Bachelor of Law LLB at the University of Sussex  in England.

Preparing for Studies in Law

Interested in a career in Law?  Want to get there more quickly?  Interested in studying abroad and perhaps working in International Law? 

The Qualifying Law Degree Programme is a partnership between Langara College and the University of Sussex that is unique in western Canada. Langara provides gold-standard foundation courses in preparation for legal studies in the UK. The University of Sussex provides an unparalleled opportunity to get started sooner, to study in an exciting international environment, and to work toward becoming a lawyer in less time than would be the case in Canada.

About the Programme

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in Law in Canada or abroad should consider this program. Studying full-time at Langara College and at the University of Sussex, students can complete this programme in five years.  Although the cost of study abroad is significant, it is more than offset by the reduced amount of time that the successful full-time student will spend in completing the programme.

The Bachelor of Law program takes three years to complete, so a full-time student could potentially graduate with the Bachelor of Law degree within a total of five years of study in Vancouver and England.  (Canadian Law Schools usually require applicants to have completed a four-year degree – usually a Bachelor of Arts – before moving on to the LLB: a seven-year program of full-time study.)

The University of Sussex wants to help widen access to law for Canadian students and they are making this opportunity available, but only to students at Langara College and Ontario’s George Brown College.