What are Scholarly Articles?

Scholarly journal articles, also known as peer-reviewed or academic articles, are articles in which researchers report their research findings, critical analyses, and new ideas. These articles have been evaluated and critiqued by other researchers and experts in the same field before they are published.  Need more explanation?  Check out:

How Do I Find Scholarly Articles?

There are three easy ways:

  1. Enter your search words in the 'Quick Topic Search' box on Langara Library's homepage.

    Quick topic search

    Filter your results to scholarly articles by clicking on "Peer Reviewed" in the left-hand column.

    Peer reviewed filter

  2. Limit to Scholarly (or Peer Reviewed or Academic) in journal article databases. This is usually a checkbox and available in many EBSCO databases including Academic Search Complete. For example:

    Scholarly articles filter checkbox

  3. Search the following article databases at Langara which include only scholarly/peer-reviewed sources.

    • JSTOR - Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences
    • DOAJ - Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Technology
    • Medline - Medicine, Health Sciences
    • ScienceDirect - Sciences

See also our guide on Locating Articles Found in Google Scholar