Any student currently enrolled in a credit distance education course offered by Langara College is eligible for distance library service. The eligibility of students enrolled in distance education courses offered by the Langara Continuing Studies Department will be individually determined.

Students with a valid Langara student ID number and PIN also have off-campus access to all library databases on the library website.

For questions regarding any of these services or for assistance in locating information, ask a librarian.

We strive to respond to your requests as soon as possible within three working days. Please allow 7 to 10 working days for book delivery via regular mail. However, delays may occur due to the mail or the unavailability of specific items. Also, we won't deliver books to Distance Education students who live within Metro Vancouver. Distance Education students who live within Metro Vancouver will have to come to the library to borrow books from our collection.


There is no charge for eligible students, although the library will not accept collect calls for requests. All existing policies and regulations regarding late fees and replacement of lost materials apply to distance students. See Late Fees & Replacement Charges

Loan Periods

Regular collection books can be borrowed by Distance Education Students for two weeks, plus an additional two weeks for shipping. If the book you are looking for is checked-out to someone else, a staff member can place a hold on the book for you. This prevents the current borrower from renewing it, and ensures that you will be the next person to borrow it.

Placing a Hold on Library Books
There are two ways to place a hold on a library book that is currently checked-out to someone else (you can not place a hold on items that are currently available):

  • If you wish to pick up the book in person, you may place a hold on it yourself, through our online catalogue. See Renewals & Holds for further instructions.
  • If you would like the book to be mailed to you, then you need to request a hold on the book:

    Request a Hold

Books are mailed to students anywhere within BC, with an enclosed postage-paid, pre-addressed label. The loan period is two weeks with an additional two weeks to allow for shipping time.

Media items cannot be mailed to students, as the standard loan period for these items is only 3 days. Our collection is too limited in size to allow media items to be checked-out for any great length of time. You are welcome, however, to view these materials here at the library. Some items may be borrowed, but you must come in person to check them out. Please remember that materials borrowed in person must also be returned in person, to the library.

Request a Book

Articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers held at Langara Library that are not available full text electronically will be photocopied and mailed or faxed to you. You do not have to return photocopied articles to the library.

Articles available full text electronically at Langara Library will be emailed to you.

Please note that we cannot photocopy or mail an entire issue of a periodical - only individual articles.

You may also access our online article databases via the online Library Catalogue from home with your Langara Student Number and PIN.

Request an Article

You may borrow all reserve materials in person, at the library. These items can not be mailed, as the loan period is generally only 3 hours, and they are in high demand for all of our students. Please note, however, that in some cases, insgtructors have supplied books themselves to be put on reserve for your distance education course. These can be mailed out anywhere within BC.

Reserve articles can be mailed out, and the photocopies do not need to be returned.

Request a Reserve Item

Copies of articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers that are not available at Langara library can be obtained through our interlibrary loan (ILL) arrangements with other BC libraries. We strive to make the ILL process as fast as possible, and article delivery times are usually 3-5 working days (working days are from Monday to Friday). Article delivery is online. You will receive a TitanFile email with a link to download a PDF of the article. The download is yours to keep.

We cannot request books from other libraries for distance students, i.e. there are no interlibrary loans for books for distance students.

Request an Interlibrary Loan

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