To place an interlibrary loan request: Questions? Contact the Interlibrary Loans office:
Use the online interlibrary loan request form, or
Inside article databases, click on Get Full Article, or
ILL main contact: Richard Birkenes / Gary Kalmek
Phone: 604-323-5458
Fax: 604-323-5512

Guidelines for borrowers    |   About TitanFile online delivery   |   Guidelines for external libraries

ILL Guidelines for borrowers

  • Eligibility
    All currently registered Langara students, faculty and staff can request interlibrary loans. Langara alumni, community borrowers and visitors are not elegible.

  • Types of materials
    Included: books, journal articles and videos. Excluded: course textbooks, materials already owned by Langara Library, and materials limited by copyright or licensing agreements. The library borrows ILL materials from BC academic libraries and other libraries that Langara has ILL agreements with.

  • Cost is free
    ILL is free for students and employees. However, the library has to pay a fee for each ILL item we receive, which is why there are limits on the number of requests.

  • Limits
    For students, the ILL limit is 5 items (books and/or articles) per assignment. Due to budgetary limitations, the number of interlibrary loan requests processed for any one user may be restricted.

  • For teaching and learning
    ILL is intended to support academic activities rather than for personal or recreational use.

  • Delivery times
    Usually 3-5 working days for journal articles and book chapters, and up to 15 working days for books. We strive to make the interlibrary loan process as fast as possible. Working days are from Monday to Friday.

    Media requests should be placed as soon as possible, especially if you have a planned show date. Allow at least 5 working days for delivery.

  • Notification
    We will email you when your ILL has arrived, or even sooner if there are any issues with your request.

  • Online article delivery
    You will receive a TitanFile email with a link to download a PDF of the article. The download is yours to keep. See below for more information about TitanFile.

  • Book and video pickup in the library
    Present your library card at the Check Out Desk on the first floor of the library to pick up your request.

  • Loan periods and renewals
    The ILL loan period is usually two weeks, but it depends on the item - some have loan periods of only one week. The actual due date will be indicated for any ILL items you pick up.

    Unfortunately you can not always renew ILL books or videos, since some lending libraries do not allow it. To request an ILL renewal, contact the Interlibrary Loans office at or 604-323-5458.

  • Returns
    Please return all ILL books and videos to Langara College Library, NOT to the lending library (i.e. the library it came from).

  • How do I check the status of my Interlibrary loan request?
    You can email us at or call us at 604-323-5458. Please make sure to include in your message your full name and student number (i.e. if you are a student).

  • How do I cancel my Interlibrary loan request?
    You can cancel your Interlibrary loan request at any time. To do so, you can email us at or call us at 604-323-5458. Please make sure to include in your message your full name and student number (i.e. if you are a student).

    If we have notified you that an Interlibrary loan book has arrived, but you don't need it anymore, you can email us at or phone us at 604-323-5458 to let us know. We don't mind.

  • What happens if I lose or damage ILL material?
    If you lose or damage material acquired via interlibrary loan, you will be responsible for paying any replacement charges and processing fees levied by the lending library.

About TitanFile online delivery 

Langara offers online ILL article delivery via TitanFile, a Canadian company specializing in secure document delivery. No need to come to campus for pick up - simply place your request online and within a few days you'll receive an email with a link to a downloadable PDF version of the article.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • No email? - check your Junk folder
    Some email providers may send TitanFile email to the "Junk" folder.  If you haven't received your article in 5 business days, check there first. You can add TitanFile to your address book to prevent it from happening again.

  • Can't download? - check your browser
    TitanFile works with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. If you can't open your PDF article with one browser, try opening it in a different browser. Also check that your browser is current, as TitanFile may not work with an old version of a browser.

  • Downloading to a mobile device
    Most TitanFile functions are identical on a computer and a mobile device. You can download and access your files from all mobile devices.

  • File size matters
    Some PDF articles are large files (for example over 1 MB) and may take longer to download. Wireless downloading may also take longer, depending on the network speed. With larger files, look for a browser message indicating the progress of your download.

  • Article links have expiry dates
    TitanFile download links are set to expire two weeks after they are sent. If your link expires before you can access your article, contact the Interlibrary Loans office at or 604-323-5458.

    Once you have downloaded an article, the file itself does not expire and the PDF is yours to keep.

If you need further help with accessing your article, please contact the Interlibrary Loans office at or 604-323-5458.

ILL Guidelines for external libraries

The following information is for institutions and organizations borrowing material through our interlibrary loan department. We do not lend material directly to external individuals. Langara's LAC code is BVAVCL. Our SHAREit code is BVAL. Langara is a member of the BC ELN consortium.

  • Materials not available for lending
    Langara does not interlibrary loan reserve materials, reference books, or entire issues of periodicals. Media items are only loaned out to academic libraries, and not public libraries. High demand items or items acquired within the last year may also not be eligible. Contact the Interlibrary Loans office if you have questions about a specific request.

  • Loan periods
    Books are due two weeks from the date of receipt at the borrowing library. Two renewals are allowed, providing there are no outstanding holds on the item. The loan period for videos varies depending on the show date. Media titles are loaned out for show dates not exceeding two weeks.

  • Charges
    Requests from outside BC: $15 per request or reciprocal rates
    Replacement charges: $50+ (varies by title)
    We do not charge late fees to libraries who borrow ILL materials from us.

  • Placing requests
    Langara does not use an ILL management system. Please provide your LAC or other library code with any request. We accept requests via Illume or via email:

  • Shipping
    We ship books by Canada Post and videos by courier, where existing agreements exist between libraries. We will supply articles by email or fax.

  • Contact the Interlibrary Loans office:
    ILL main contact: Richard Birkenes
    Phone: 604-323-5458
    Fax: 604-323-5512
    Alternate way to deliver ILL articles to us: Langara's TitanFile Deposit Box