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Looking to start your own small business or expand an existing one? This program offers practical courses that help students advance their goals quickly, from developing and testing business ideas to improving operations and learning how to analyze financial statements. Instructors use real-world business examples and students’ own businesses (whether already in operation or at the idea stage) to help develop the knowledge and skills needed to get on with business. The result? Time spent in class is time spent on building a successful enterprise.

The central focus of the asynchronous course delivery is student learning. Asynchronous course delivery maximize flexibility for the learner and help address individual learning needs and styles. Asynchronous courses are delivered online via Brightspace over a period of weeks with weekly learning activities. Students will be able to access the entire course at 12.01 on day of the course start date. Students can do the course at their own pace between the course start and end date. The instructor will be available via email to support students.

Program requirements: 

  •     How to Start Your Own Business (36 hours, 3.6 CEUs) - Asynchronous Brightspace
  •     Financial Skills for Managers (36 hours, 3.6 CEU's) - Asynchronous Brightspace
  •     Human Resources Management (36 hours, 3.6 CEU's) Face-to-Face
  •     Communicating Effectively (12 hours, 1.2 CEU's) - Asynchronous Brightspace

Plus one course from the following:

  •    Fundamentals of Management (36 hours, 36 CEUs) Face-to-Face
  •    Bookkeeping - Level 1 (21 hours, 2.1 CEUs)
  •    Project Supervision (18 hours, 1.8 CEUs) 

All program requirements must be completed at Langara Continuing Studies. Exemtptions are not allowed. There are no refunds issued once course has started. 

Credential Eligibility:
To qualify for the certification, students must complete successfully all the required and elective courses with a minimum C+ grade requirement in each course. All requirements must be completed within five years of starting the program. Students can complete the program as quick as two terms.
Courses may be taken individually as long as individual course prerequisites are met. Students completing the certificate do not need to apply to the program as registration is by course. There are no academic requirements for students to start the program.

Students who began the program prior to September 2022 will have until August 2023 to receive a certificate credential. Students who began the program September 2022 onwards will receive a short certificate credential. 

To register, please call 604.323.5322