Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit

Moving on to a Bachelor’s degree after the Langara RMT Program:

Here is a link to the Thompson Rivers University site, and the Partner Institution Transfer Agreement. Enter Langara into the Search bar for information on the Registered Massage Therapy Diploma: Transfer Credit Pathways: Transfer Opportunities: Thompson Rivers University (


To receive a Bachelors degree students have to complete 120 course credits at a Bachelor degree level. Graduates of the Langara RMT Program receive 78 course credits towards this degree. They need to complete another 42 course credits to complete a Bachelor of Health Science degree.

Prior Learning Assessment:

Prior learning credits may be granted to students who have completed stduies related to Masage Therapy such as a Bachelor Science in Kinesiology.  The Prior Learning Assessment process requires a detailed assessment between similar courses and can take up to 2 months to complete. All courses must be completed within the previous 5 years from the start of the semester with a minimum grade of 75% (B letter grade)

Students must complete a minimum of 50% of the Langara RMT Program to receive a Langara CS Diploma. At minimum, students need to complete the second year of the Langara RMT Program to meet this 50% requirement. 

Prior Learning Credits (exemptions) are allocated once hard copy documentation of successfully completed courses is received. Detailed course outlines must include the following: learning objectives, core competencies and the semester schedule of topics covered.

The Prior Learning Assessment process includes assembling the following documents:

  1. The RMT Program Application documents required for acceptance into the Langara Program including the $100 Application fee
  2. The course outline/syllabus with textbook information for successfully completed courses to be assessed
  3. An original transcript from the previous school with final grades of 75% and higher
  4. Completion of the Prior Learning Assessment form listing each course for requested assessment
  5. The Prior Learning Assessment fee of $350 

Transferring from an RMT School or out of Province:

Currently the Langara RMT Program is full, and is not accepting transfer students from other BC Massage Therapy programs, or graduates of programs outside of BC.

If you attended another program and are applying to Langara to begin in Semester-1, an official transcript from the previous program is required. Students must give consent for Langara to contact the previous institution to confirm there were no acadmic/non-academic conduct issues.