Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit

Moving on to a Bachelor’s degree after the Langara RMT Program:

Here is a link to the Thompson Rivers University site, and the Partner Institution Transfer Agreement. Enter Langara into the Search bar for information on the Registered Massage Therapy Diploma:

To receive a Bachelors degree students have to complete 120 course credits at a Bachelor degree level. Graduates of the Langara RMT Program receive 69 course credits towards this degree. They need to complete another 51 course credits to complete a Bachelor of Health Science degree.

Transferring Between RMT Schools – completing the Prior Learning Assessment

The Registered Massage Therapy Program curricula can vary greatly between schools. Langara has a comprehensive program with an additional semester when compared to some other RMT schools in BC. The Prior Learning Assessment process requires a detailed assessment between similar courses of both schools, and can take up to 1 month to complete. All courses must be completed within the previous 5 years from the start of the semester. 

Students must complete a minimum of 50% of the Langara RMT Program to receive a Langara Diploma. If all previously completed RMT courses do happen to transfer over, students need to complete the second year of the Langara RMT Program to meet this 50% requirement. 

Prior Learning Credits (exemptions) are allocated once hard copy documentation of successfully completed courses has been received. Detailed course outlines must include the following: learning objectives, core competencies and the semester schedule of topics covered.

The Prior Learning Assessment process includes assembling the following documents:

  1. The RMT Program Application documents required for acceptance into the Langara Program including the $100 Application fee
  2. Obtain all of the course outlines/syllabus with textbook information for successfully completed courses
  3. An original transcript from the previous RMT school with final grades of 75% and higher
  4. Completion of the Prior Learning Assessment form listing each course for requested assessment
  5. The Prior Learning Assessment fee of $350 


International students transferring from a "private" RMT Program (ie: all non-degree granting BC Registered Massage Therapy programs [all programs other than Langara]) will NOT be eligible for the Canada Immigration 3-year post-graduation work permit. International students who wish to be eligible for this post-grad work permit must complete the  entire program of studies at Langara to comply with the 2-year full-time study requirement.