International Students

International Students

Langara welcomes international students to the Registered Massage Therapy Diploma program. International applicants are advised to apply early due to study permit processing times.

Application packages must be complete and include all required documents as listed below in order to be processed. International application package submission deadlines are 8-months prior to the start date due to extended study permit processing times. Application package deadlines are as follows: 

Intake Application Deadline
September  January 10th
January  May 1st
May September 1st

For information regarding study permits contact Langara Global



Total international student fees including tuition & mandatory Langara Student Union (LSU) fees are $42,652 CDN for the two-year program.*

Tuition is paid in six installments, once per term. A non-transferable deposit that includes: the first semester tuition $5,051 CDN; the International Supplemental fee for Year-1 $4,773 CDN; and LSU fees are required before the official Letter of Acceptance is issued. The deposit is refunded only if your student visa is denied by Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC). International students pay the International Supplemental fee in Year 1 (Semester 1), and again in Year 2 (Semester 4).

Estimated additional Program costs:

  • Books: approx. $2,500
  • Supplies: $1,300
  • *LSU fees vary by term and are approx. $1,350 per year. Students receive a Vancouver transit pass; extended-medical benefits; and dental benefits. Students must purchase their own basic MSP health coverage.

Application Requirements

Successful completion of high school is mandatory. Langara makes acceptance decisions based on application ranking. Preference is given to applicants who have previous college/university education, including successful completion of Anatomy and Physiology courses (in English), from a recognized university or college. Submit all documents to 

1. Download the International student application form to begin your application.

2. Transcripts & Grade/Mark sheets. Applicants must submit full colour, high quality scans of official high school and college/university transcripts (and grade/mark sheets if applicable) as part of their application package.

  • If transcripts& grade/mark sheets are in a language other than English, a professional word-for word English translation must be submitted with the original documents and must include the company stamp on each page.
  • A colour scan of your high school & college/university graduation/completion Diploma/Certificate.
  • A high-quality colour scan of your passport photo page to verify legal name & date of birth.

3. Completion of a 2-day Introduction to Massage course or similar. The preferred course is Langara’s course. Please note: the Langara Intro to Massage course covers some of the questions on the RMT Program Admission Questions document. We also accept courses from other BC RMT schools with similar hours (at least 12 hours long). Provide documentation of successful completion.

4. RMT Program Admission Questions. Students must complete the RMT Program admission questions. Answer each question completely & professionally, and all sub-sections of each question. Please use a maximum of 10-pages to complete the questions RMT Program Admission Questions.

5. Professional Reference Letter. Provide a reference letter from someone who has: known you for 5 years; is not a family member; and has a university/college degree. The reference letter must outline the context of the relationship and attest to your personal characteristics of perseverance and ability to deal with stress, and must include referee college/university credentials.

6. English Proficiency. All international students, regardless of country/ language of origin, must demonstrate English-language proficiency with one of the following:

  • Duolingo test scores are not accepted by the RMT Program
  • TOEFL iBT or iBT home edition with a total score of 92 or higher and a minimum of 22 in Listening; 22 in Reading; 22 in Speaking; and 22 in Writing
  • IELTS Academic 7.0 with no band less than 6.5
  • CAEL 70 overall, with minimum written score of 65
  • LPI (Language Proficiency Index) Level 5, minimum written (essay) score of 26
  • Successful completion of LEAP Level 8 or equivalent
  • Successful completion of BC Grade 12 English, Communications 12, English Studies 12, or Literary Studies 12, or equivalent with a minimum final grade of 70%
  • Successful completion of Langara ENGL 1123, or a college/university BC English or Communications course for which Langara awards transfer credit.

7. Study Permit (if applicable). International students are advised to check with the Canadian Embassy in their country for Study Permit processing times.

After the Offer of Admission is issued to an accepted student and the fees are paid, Langara sends the official Letter of Acceptance. We require documentation of the student's study permit application within 45 working days (this does not mean final approval). The application confirmation letter from IRCC (Government of Canada) must be sent to the Program Coordinator.

International students considering transfer to Langara from other BC Private RMT Programs PLEASE NOTE: International students who plan to apply for a 3-year Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), must complete the entire 2-year Langara RMT program to comply with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) 2-year full-time study requirement.


Additional Information for International Students:

  • Post-Graduate Work Permit web page at Langara Global. For more information about the Post-Graduate Work Program, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

After successful applicants have received a Langara official Letter of Acceptance, they must complete two additional requirements. These requirements are completed after you arrive in BC, and before the beginning of class. Do not complete these requirements in your home country.

1.    Completion of a 2-day Standard First-Aid course with CPR Level C & AED. College of Massage Therapy of BC has approved course providers

2.   Criminal record check through the BC Ministry of Public Safety (Security Programs division). CRCs through police authorities are not accepted.