The CS Diploma in RMT program is led by a respected team of professional instructors who demand excellence in the application of techniques as well as in critical thinking. Practical training in both the student clinic and diverse outreach locations means that you are ensured every opportunity to apply and integrate your learning in a supervised setting.

angela-havlicek-headshotAngela graduated from West Coast Collage of Massage Therapy in 2014 and has been a practicing RMT in Vancouver ever since. She has a passion for health and connecting with people and guiding them through their unique journeys to wellness. She joined Langara College in 2020 as a Clinic Instructor and enjoys guiding students on their journey into their new professional career as massage therapists.

Anne-Marie Cote

After graduating from Massage Therapy School in Vancouver in 1997, Anne-Marie has since been a practicing RMT in North Vancouver.  She completed her Master's degree in Health Education and Active Living where she studied the importance of the Relationship of Trust between the Massage Therapist and their clients.  She has been teaching at Langara College for the CS Diploma in Registered Massage Therapy since 2016.

Dae Backus, RMT Instructor, Clinical Program Coordinator

Dae Backus

Dae Backus,RMTbecame a Registered Massage Therapist in 2005. While completing her own massage therapy program, Dae developed an interest in education and began teaching massage therapy as soon as she was eligible in 2007. Joining the Langara RMT Program instructional team in 2014, Dae had the pleasure of teaching the 1st intake of Langara students, in the 1st year the RMT program was offered. As the program grew, Dae took on the role of Clinic Coordinator and now both teaches in the classroom and oversees the Student Clinic and community practicum placements, always endeavoring to expand and broaden the Langara RMT Student experience and support classroom learning. After 15 years of formal clinical practice, Dae has now transitioned to a very part time mobile practice, providing care to individuals living with central nervous system conditions and chronic pain. 

david-li-lam-imageDr. David Li Lam has taught Medical Sciences to both medical and nursing students in Cuba and the Republic of Yemen from 1986 to 1993. After moving to Canada in 1996, Dr. Lam brought his unique teaching style to several TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) schools in Vancouver. He joined Langara College in 1999. Dr. Lam has successfully helped students to  understand and apply western medical science paradigms to various alternative and complementary models of practice.

A core instructor in the Langara RMT program, Dr. Lam teaches academic subjects including: A&P (Anatomy & Physiology), Neurology, Pathology, and Integrated Care Management. He also teaches physical examination practices to Pharmacists and Nurses, Basic and Advanced A&P for Bodywork Practitioners, and the A&P module for the Medical Aesthetics program. 

  • Medical Doctor (MD) graduated in Havana, Cuba
  • First Degree Specialist in Human Anatomy
  • Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Dr.TCM)
  • Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)


Edward Chang, RMT Instructor

Edward graduated from the 3000 hour program at West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2013. His studies from the program have given him exposure to perform therapeutic massage to a diverse range of population from youth to senior. Edward utilizes his assessment skills combined with his years of experience to improve the quality of life for his patients. 

Edward started giving back to the RMT profession by taking up the role of clinic instructor in 2018. He enjoys teaching and passing on his experiences to the next generation of RMTs. During his free time he enjoys going to the gym or spending quality time with friends and family.

Ewa Ciecerska, RMT Instructor

Ewa graduated from the 3000 hour Registered Massage Therapy program at WCCMT in 2013. Ewa loves to work with people (young and old) from all walks of life in her busy family based practice in Vancouver. She has a particular interest in orthopaedic injuries and how massage therapy can play an important role in persistent pain managemen and loves continually learning through continuing education courses. Ewa’s excitement for learning led her to work at the Langara RMT program in the student clinic and as a TA. When not immersed at work, Ewa stays active and takes any chance there is to travel and explore the world. 

Gaelen Gibson, RMT Instructor

My name is Gaelen and I’ll be teaching your Intro to Visceral Manipulation class. I’ve been in practice since 1995 and ‘found’ visceral work in 2008. I immediately connected with the philosophy of visceral, following and listening to the tissues, and felt like it was the missing piece in terms of problem solving for my clients. I’m hoping to help you discover this different layer of internal anatomy that affects all of our external body and that you’ll fall a little bit in love with the techniques.

Harold Keech, RMT Instructor


Harold is a 2016 graduate of the Langara Registered Massage Therapist program with a passion for sports and orthopedics.  He is a former student athlete from Kwantlen, which fueled his aspirations to provide education to young athletes with a focus on injury prevention. His general practice covers treatment for many aspects of wellness, orthopedics, posture & ergonomics, and injury prevention, Harold holds a special interest in sport-related conditions and active rehabilitation.

Harold has taught with Langara College since 2018, working with students in orthopedics and musculoskeletal anatomy to help build students key skills as they pertain to clinical practice as an RMT.

Harold can often be seen playing basketball, bouldering, or out on the trails as he looks forward to running his second Tough Mudder.

Jackson Chu, RMT Instructor


Jackson Chu graduated from the Langara College Registered Massage Therapy Program in 2016 and has been actively practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist since. He believes it is important to have patients understand the ways in which they can contribute to their own health and well-being. In his practice, Jackson treats patients from all walks of life from a variety of presentations. Outside of massage therapy, he loves travelling to new countries to learn about the world as well as to try new foods. Other hobbies include playing ultimate frisbee, lifting weights in the gym, skiing & snowboarding, and more recently, running; Jackson plans to run a full marathon in 2022!

Jackson has been in the student clinic as a Clinic Instructor since 2019 and he is excited to be giving back to help develop the skills necessary for the students to succeed as prospective massage therapists. In the student clinic, he hopes his enthusiasm and experience can help to inspire the students to comfortably practice the skills they learn from class safely in a clinical setting.

Joey Lattanzio, RMT Instructor, Program Coordinator

joey-lattanzio-headshotJoey graduated from OVCMT in 2001, Since then he has worked at many aspects of the profession. 

He was part of the RMTBC for many years and even served as President of the association and Vice Chair for the National Association.

An active member of the Langara Community, Joey served as a Promotional Steering Committee member for the Makerspace and presently sits as Vice Chair of the LCAA, and a Wellness Committee member here at Langara.

Jonathan Paez, RMT Instructor

Jonathan PaezJonathan Paez is excited to be a part of the team at Langara for the Registered Massage Therapy program as an instructor.  He completed his Bachelor of Human Kinetics in 2007 from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and sparked a life-long passion for human sciences. Then Jonathan continued to attain a Bachelor of Education from UBC in 2009 to compliment his other passions – education, youth work, and travel. He lived and worked in South Korea for several years, absorbing all he could about cultures, languages, and food. Upon his return to Canada, it was time to join the rehabilitation ranks. 


Jonathan completed the massage therapy program through the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (VCMT) in 2018 and graduated with honours. Then, he was able to combine two of his passions and became a part-time instructor at teaching human anatomy, physiology, and pathology. He works with all sorts of people in all sorts of ways and will continue to learn more about the human body to build on his skills as a massage therapist. More recently, Jonathan has begun his graduate studies in attaining a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology in hopes of practicing as a Registered Clinical Counsellor in the near future and has completed participating in a 12-month Cranial Sacral Therapy mentorship program in order to enhance his understanding of the human body to better assist those with chronic pain and trauma. He hopes to apply a multi-dimensional approach to healing.

Joshua Hergesheimer has been a research instructor for more than a decade. Currently teaching Applied Research at Langara College, he’s also taught at the Boucher Institute for Naturopathic Medicine and the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Outside of academia, he was worked with Journalists for Human Rights to gather data on underserved communities in the Canadian media landscape, and led community mapping projects for grassroots groups such as the Unity Centre Association for Black Cultures. He always strives to make research interesting, engaging and accessible

Kaelin BeriaultAn RMT since 2017, Kaelin Beriault has focused her practice primarily on injury and dysfunction rehabilitation. Kaelin's professional and educational interests are effective communication, assessment, and clinical reasoning.  In addition to RMT practice and instructing at Langara, Kaelin is pursuing a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Sciences at UBC.


Engaging with RMT students as a TA, Instructor and Clinic Supervisor is an ongoing highlight of her career.

Paula Jaspar

Paula Jaspar, MEd, RMTgraduated from West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1997, and completed a Masters of Education from Simon Fraser University in 2015. In private practice since graduation, Paula’s focus was initially in palliative care. To find balance, she began exploring childbirth and women's health. Her current practice includes working with women during the childbearing year (pregnancy, labour, birth, postpartum, complicated pregnancies and complicated postpartum and post cesarean section treatment). Paula has taught at local and international conferences, the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage, WCCMT, Douglas College and women's health post graduate courses. Her work has been published in the International Journal of Massage and Bodywork, the DONA International Journal, the BC Massage Matters magazine, Today's Parent, Vancouver Sun, National Post and on Dr. Don's radio show. Paula is inspired by the connections students can make when learning: within themselves, and their lived experience. She finds her work highly rewarding.

Randy Persad

Randy Persad, MEd, RMT, brings his diverse experience in the design and delivery of massage therapy curriculum to Langara’s Diploma in Registered Massage Therapy. The former Dean of Education of a massage therapy school, he is thrilled to bring his eclectic background in health sciences, and 20 years experience in the massage therapy profession to his role as an instructor at Langara. Randy has a clinical practice in Port Moody, BC. and his preferred areas of practice include: preventative health care and mental wellbeing; stress management, breath awareness and relaxation therapy;myofascial therapy for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, scar tissue management, respiratory health, and sports and athletic injuries; women’s health including pregnancy and post partum, C-Section scar rehabilitation, and pelvic floor muscular retraining. Randy embraces eastern vedantic practices of yoga, breath awareness and deep relaxation to maintain health and spiritual balance.

Rhiannon Dawson

Rhiannon Dawson, BFA, RMT, is a graduate of both UBC and WCCMT (West Coast College of Massage Therapy). She has been in practice for many years, with a varied practice including focus on pre and post natal, rehabilitation, chronic pain, and stress reduction.  Passionate about learning, Rhiannon taught English overseas before becoming an RMT and has been teaching massage therapy as a primary instructor for many years. Rhiannon is excited to be part of the RMT Diploma program at Langara College.

robert-hackwood-imageRobert Hackwood, a practicing RMT since 1992, has been teaching since 1994. He teaches and mentors Cranial Sacral Techniques (CST), TMJ seminars, Muscle Energy Technique (MET), Neuromuscular therapy (NMT), and Visceral Techniques. He has taught at a number of RMT colleges over the years as well. He loves studying and improving his skills in these areas as well as others. Robert has an inclusive approach to health, and looks at the individual as a complete being. Utilizing all his training to help restore homeostasis  each treatment can be very different from the last. He excels at helping the people that fall between the cracks in the medical system and figuring out the puzzle that is preventing that person from regaining their health. His training allows him to locate areas in the body that are requiring attention. Robert has been involved on a provincial level with the Provicincial licencing body, and was appointed to the Medical Services Commission Special Committee as the representative for Massage Therapy. He has written numerous articles on massage therapy, and given presentations to the massage therapy membership.


Shin Lee, RMT Instructor

shin-lee-headshotShin graduated as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner in 2010. Shin practiced TCM for several years before he pursued additional knowledge in the human anatomy and health care at West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Shin received the diploma of Registered Massage Therapy in 2018. Shin has treated a variety of illnesses and helping patients restore their wellness is the main focus of his practice.

Outside of work, Shin enjoys meditation, ping pong, and spending time with family.

Vesna Stajic, MD Instructor

vesna-stajic-headshotVesna Stajic, an MD (in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) has practiced as Anesthesiologist from 1991 (Sarajevo-  Kladovo). She was the Head of the Anesthesiology and Post- surgery Intensive care and Trauma Unit for 10 years. After coming to Canada, Dr. Stajic was President and Educator at BC Multicultural Health Service Society in Vancouver from 2002 -2006. In 2004, Dr. Stajic became a specialist in Hyperbaric Oxygen–therapy and still practices at the Baro-Medical clinic in Burnaby, BC. She was the Research Coordinator for the UBC Endocrinology department (CEMCOR) on a Progesterone double blind study from 2006 to 2010. Dr. Stajic's teaching experience includes: Medical Instructor diploma; Anatomy, Physiology; Pathology; Pharmacology/Medications; Surgery; and Biology courses at West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Vesna now teaches academic courses in the RMT Diploma program at Langara College.