Diploma in Real Estate

Vancouver's Langara College is a gateway to all facets of the real estate profession, including property management, building management, appraisal, social housing management, construction and development, energy management and Trading Services and Broker's Licensing. Whatever your area of interest, you can begin your future in real estate at Langara College.

Langara College works closely with the University of British Columbia, the Appraisal Institute of Canada, the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia, the Professional Association of Managing Agents, the Strata Property Agents of British Columbia, BC Housing, the Architectural Institute of B.C., the British Columbia Non-Profit Housing Association, and the Canadian Institute of Housing to ensure that our courses and programs are aligned with educational standards across the profession.

Real Estate program areas at Langara College include:

Diploma Programs
  • Continuing Studies Diploma in Real Estate
Certificate Programs
  • Builder Licence
  • Construction & Development
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Trading Services
  • Real Property Analyst
  • Social Housing Management

All courses are offered on a part-time basis (evenings or Saturdays) to suit the needs of working adults. You may register directly in any individual course, subject to prerequisites in some cases.

Learning outcomes vary across program areas. In general, the intent is to offer entry-level courses that give you practical knowledge and skills for success in the workplace.

Courses within certificate programs provide a foundation of principles, accompanied by a strong emphasis on the professional and applied aspects of the subject field.

No application or admission is required for domestic students. For international students who require a study permit, click here for more information on full-time study options.

For course scheduling, please see the 'Courses' tab.

Please email real-estate@langara.ca if you would like additional information on our program and course offerings.