Online Delivery

Online Delivery

The Professional Bookkeeper program can be completed through online courses. Online courses will be delivered in one of two ways:  

  • Synchronously – Online classes will be held on Zoom at scheduled times. Attendance is required. Additional course information will be provided through Brightspace or other online platforms.
  • Asynchronously – There are no scheduled online classes. Coursework will be done at your own pace. Course information will be provided through Brightspace or other online platforms. Exams may be scheduled at set times. 

For the May 2022 semester, the following courses are offered online:  

  • Synchronously:
    • ADMN 1021 Bookkeeping Level 1 (also offered in-person)
    • ADMN 2001 Bookkeeping Level 2 (also offered in-person)
    • BSAD 1029 Microsoft Office (also offered in-person)
    • BSAD 1095 Payroll Administration
    • CSFW 1000 Sage 50-1 (also offered in-person)
    • CSFW 1004 Sage 300-1
    • CSFW 1030 Quickbooks 1 (also offered in-person)
    • CSFW 2001 Sage 50-2 (also offered in-person)
    • CSFW 2011 Sage 300-2
    • CSFW 2030 Quickbooks 2 (also offered in-person)
  • Asynchronously:
    • GBSC 1004 Business Communications (also offered in-person)

Check the course schedule for CRN section details, dates and times.   

Effective January 2022 semester, exams will be written on campus on the last day of class. There is no option to write the exam online.  

Students who live outside of the Greater Vancouver region can make arrangements for a proctor at their own cost in order to write the exam at the scheduled date and time. If you need to arrange for a proctor, submit the In-Person Exam Proctor for Online Courses Form to the program coordinator at least two weeks before the exam date.