CPA Designation

CPA Designation

Langara Continuing Studies courses are recognized by the Chartered Professional Accountants of BC (CPABC). In British Columbia, legislation to unify the three legacy professional accounting bodies - the Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC (ICABC), the Certified General Accountant Association of BC (CGA-BC), and the Certified Management Accountants Society of BC (CMABC) - went info force on June 24, 2015.

Students who are pursuing the CPA professional designation can complete the prerequisite courses through Langara Continuing Studies towards entry into the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP). Those who are not seeking a designation or do not have a degree can work towards CPA's Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF). Langara also offers a degree opportunity through our partnership with Thompson Rivers University for students who do not meet CPA's degree requirement to become eligible for CPA PEP.

For more information, visit the Chartered Professional Accountants of BC website. It's recommended that students contact the association directly to ensure you meet any other requirements. 

Langara Continuing Studies Course



Financial Accounting 1 – Part 1 (BSAD 1084) 

Financial Accounting 1 – Part 2 (BSAD 1085) 

Economics – Micro & Macro (BSAD 1088)

Business Law in Canada (BSAD 1005)

Financial Accounting  2  (BSAD 1086)

Basic Probability and Statistics (BSAD 1123)

Quantitative Methods 1 (BSAD 1083)

Management Accounting 1 (BSAD 1087)

Financial Accounting 3 (BSAD 2088)

Finance 1 – Part 1 (BSAD 1089) 

Finance 1 – Part 2 (BSAD 2089) 

Management Information Systems (BSAD 1090)

Taxation 1 (BSAD 1060)

Auditing 1 (BSAD 1064)

Management Accounting 2 (BSAD 1057)

Financial Accounting 4 (BSAD 3000)

Strategy for Financial Managers (BSAD 2006)

Sage 50-1 (CSFW 1000)

Sage 50-2 (CSFW 2001)

Quickbooks 1 (CSFW 1030)

Quickbooks 2 (CSFW 2030)

Sage 300-1 (CSFW 1004)

Sage 300-2 (CSFW 2011)

Accounting Ethics and Workplace Skills (BSAD 4510)

Accounting Business Applications (BSAD 4520)

Applied External Audit (BSAD 4530)

Applied Personal and Corporate Taxation (BSAD 4540)