CPA Designation

CPA Designation

A CPA, or Chartered Professional Accountant, is a globally recognized and respected professional designation given to experienced professionals. Courses in the Advanced Accounting Diploma program are recognized by the Chartered Professional Accountants of BC towards entry into the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP). Students who already hold a four-year bachelor's degree may be eligible for the CPA PEP program upon completion of the Advanced Accounting Diploma program. It's recommended that students contact the association directly to ensure you meet any other entry requirements.

CPA Transfer Guide

Students who are aiming to fulfill CPA Preparatory Course requirements for entry to CPA PEP are advised to follow the steps below:

  1. Reach out to CPA to request and receive a CPA Transcript AssessmentCPAWSB uses the transcript assessment to verify whether you are eligible to enroll directly in the CPA Professional Education Program or if you need to complete any prerequisite education first. 
  2. Based on the CPA Transcript Assessment, student can register for recognized courses below to complete any remaining prerequsite education.

Please note that a course exemption in a Continuing Studies (CS) accounting program does not automatically equal to exemption to prerequisite requirement in CPA. For more information, visit the Chartered Professional Accountants of BC website. Students should contact the association directly to ensure you meet any other CPA requirements. 

Click here for a visual diagram of which CS Langara courses are CPA-recognized.

CPA Preparatory Course

Recognized Langara Continuing Studies Course


Introductory Financial Accounting

BSAD 1084 + BSAD 1085

Introductory Management Accounting

BSAD 1087 + BSAD 1057


BSAD 1088


BSAD 1123 + BSAD 1083

Business Law

BSAD 1005

Information Technology

BSAD 1090

Intermediate Financial Reporting 1

BSAD 1086

Intermediate Financial Reporting 2

BSAD 2088

Advanced Financial Reporting

BSAD 3000

Corporate Finance

BSAD 1089 + BSAD 2089

Audit and Assurance

BSAD 1064


BSAD 1060

Intermediate Management Accounting

BSAD 1087 + BSAD 1057

Performance Management

BSAD 1057 + BSAD 2006

Data Analytics and Information Systems

BSAD 1090 + BSAD 1064

The above chart is subject to change by the CPA Association.