Medical Office Administrator

May and June 2021 program intakes are both currently full. It is strongly recommended to place your name on the waitlist by calling 604-323-5322

The next intakes will be in the September to December 2021 term. Website will be updated mid July with program and registration information.


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  • Call 604.323.5322
  • There are NO ONLINE registrations for this program

MOAs (Medical Office Administrators or Medical Office Assistants), are uniquely trained to perform a variety of administrative duties in doctors' offices, hospitals, medical clinics and other medical settings in both the public and private sectors.

This fast-track program provides a strong foundation in medical office skills and knowledge within a very short period of time.  As an intensive program, students are given the opportunity to learn specific skills related to working in a medical office. Topics covered include: Medical Office Procedures, Medical Documentation, Medical Transcription, Medical Terminology, Basic Pharmacology, Anatomy & Physiology for the MOA, and Medical Billing. Hands-on experience using Osler Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is also a component of this program. Students will also receive recommendations for improvement of office communication skills, and success strategies for seeking job placement in this industry.

Graduates may choose to combine this certificate with other office related work or education to more effectively search for employment in the medical field. Other students may use this certificate to establish the groundwork to pursue a career in this area.


Please ensure that you have reviewed all information on the website regarding this program including with specific attention to the recommended prerequisites, FAQs, and  to ensure you are aware of the requirements of this intensive program. If you are not able to meet the attendance requirements, or the recommended prerequisites outline on these pages, it may be difficult to receive a successful passing grade in this program.

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