Medical Office Administrator (MOA)

Medical Office Assistants provide in-demand skills.

The best jobs in the healthcare field aren't all clinical. Employers are looking for qualified candidates to provide direct patient care as well as individuals with the administrative skills necessary to run front and back medical offices or assist people in getting the services they need. Read more ...

Langara's MOA program includes important administrative and support skills training.

MOAs (Medical Office Administrators or Medical Office Assistants), are uniquely trained to perform a variety of administrative duties in doctors' offices, hospitals, medical clinics and other medical settings in both the public and private sectors.

This fast-track program provides a strong foundation in medical office skills and knowledge within a very short period of time. Graduates may choose to combine this short-certificate with other office related work or education to more effectively search for employment in the medical field. Other students may use this credential to establish the groundwork to pursue a career in this area.

 Learn specific skills related to working in a medical office. Date offerings include:

  • Sept-Dec: registration opens mid July
  • Jan - Apr: registration opens mid November
  • May-Aug: registration opens mid March

Call 604-323-5322 to register for the MOA program (no online registration)