MOA-Helpful Information

MOA-Helpful Information

Please review the Student Handbook, as well the Student Memorandum of Receipt and Understanding. You will be asked to review these document prior to class. A copy of this agreement will be provided to you in class on day one with the understanding that your signature is required on this form for your to partake in the program.

The program is offered online for the summer 2020 term, and possibly longer.

To participate in the program you must have the following technology to support your learning in this program:

  • A device (perferably a computer) with a camera and microphone
  • A stable internet connection
  • Access to Zoom for classroom sessions

Please be advised that this program does not have an application process.

  • You must contact the Continuing Studies registration office at 604.323.5322 to register for the three courses that make up the MOA Certificate program (MOAP1101, 1102, 1103).
  • You must register and take all three modules together.
  • This program fills up quickly. It is adviseable to register as soon as the registration opens for the upcoming term (approximately 6 weeks prior to the term start of January, May or September). Please check online at for the registration dates, or call 604.323.5322 to confirm.
  • Although there is no application process, it is extremely important that students interested in this program review the Recommended Prerequisites on this website, as these skills are required in order to be successful in this class.
  • The program coordinator or registration office will not advise on your suitability for this program. As an adult learner the decision is up to you. As noted in the recommended prerequisites, the program is challenging and if you do not meet the recommened prerequisite for the program, it may affect you obtaining a successful outcome.


Notice of withdrawal must be provided at least 48 working hours prior to the program start date. There are NO refunds issued after this time.

  1. The program is offered 5-6 times per year in a variety of scheduling options. 
  2. Currently scheduled options are shown here. Dates and times are subject to change.
  3. To view programs currently available for registration please visit the courses tab.

This program is ideally intended for those with administrative skills, either from an educational background and/or from previous working experience, who wish to pursue a career as an MOA. As the program does not provide any administrative skills outside of those specific to the medical field, it is recommended that you either obtain these prior to attending the program, or be prepared to obtained the additional administrative skills after completion of the certificate. As mentioned in other areas of this webpage, the Langara CS MOA program is only one part of the equation in obtaining a job as a medical office administrator or assitant in a medical office or clinic.

If you have met the recommended prequisites, and you have decided this program is suitable for you you may register by contacting the registration office at 604.323.5322

Langara options for additional administrative skills courses

  • Other institutions offer longer programs that cover additional content that we do not cover in this intensive, shortened program. The Langara CS MOA program only teaches content that specifically applies to working in a medical office (see the program page of this website). Administrative skills that would transfer to other administrative jobs such as computer skills, word processing, keyboarding, spreadsheets, telephone skills, etc., are not covered in this program.
  • The Langara MOA program does not include a practicum.
  • Please see the information provided in the previous questions "Who should take this program?"
  • We strongly recommend that you do your research to determine which program is right for you, and also for the type of employment you are seeking, as some offices may be specifically looking for graduates from certain programs. 

Langara College offers many administrative courses to support your training in the MOA program. As noted on this website, we do not provide any administrative training in this shortened condensed program and expect that students will have these skills already or will take the training needed as required by the work placements. Students may take this additional training before or after the MOA Certificate.

Langara courses may be found here

Links to job placements and the skills they are looking for may be found here

The schedule will vary slightly depending on the intake option chosen. All modules have associated evaluations, either by exam, project, presentation, or assignments.

Example of schedule and evaluations may be found here. Note that the weights and distribution of each evaluation may vary, and will be presented to you on the first day of class with your course outline. You must be able to attend all sessions. If classroom is online, it WILL NOT be recorded.

  • Credit will not be granted for any similar courses taken elsewhere. There are no exceptions.
  • You must attend all days in the program, and successfully complete all evaluation methods that are part of this program in order to apply for your certificate.

We recognize that there are many holidays outside those that are granted in the school calendar. We recommend that if you have one that requires that you to not attend school on that day, that you choose an alternate intake option.

As there are only limited days in the delivery of this program, due to its condensed, intensive format, missing a class may be detrimental to your learning outcomes. There are five intakes per year, and three different formats of days/times. Please select the one that ensures you meet the 100% attendance requirement. See intake options here

Registrations are accepted on a first-come first-served basis, upon full receipt of tuition fees at the time of registration. If the program is full, you will be asked if you wish to place your name on the waitlist. There is no fee for this, and it is strongly suggested that you do this as people will often change their minds prior to the course start date. Please follow this link to view details regarding the waitlist process for courses that are full.

Students must receive a B- (70%) or greater on all three modules (MOAP1101, 1102, & 1103) to apply for their MOA Certificate. Criteria for assignments, quizzes, exams, and projects will be provided in class on a separate handout. Students must also achieve a minimum of 65% on all exams in order to pass the course. Students who do not pass the exams, or who achieve below the minimum mark in any of the three courses that make up this program, would be required to retake the program in another term. There are no options to challenge any exam.

Please review the Student Handbook, as well the Student Memorandum of Receipt and Understanding. You will be asked to review these document prior to class with the understanding that your signature is required on this form for your to partake in the program.

Attendance in all classes is mandatory.

Although we understand some emergencies are unpreventable - students must understand, due to the nature of the program, that absences from class will likely hinder their success of receiving a passing grade in the program.

  • Missing any days of this intensive program is detrimental to your success in this program.
  • Any content missed for illness/family emergency will have to be obtained from your fellow students so it is important to meet your classmates and obtain a class 'buddy'.
  • Any absence from class must be pre-approved by the instructor and/or program coordinator, or supported by a doctor's note.
  • Where classes are missed, the student must come to the next class prepared and caught up on all assignments provided in the previous class(es). 
  • If possible, the instructor will try to provide opportunities for catching up on missed work or exam/quizzes, but this would occur only during class time and only if time permits; students will therefore be doubly pressed to stay up-to-date on all work and may not be given the opportunity, so this is not to be expected.
  • Due to make-up schedules only being during class time, it may not be possible for the student to catch up on missed evaluations - and thus the student may not be successful in receiving a passing grade.

Please review the Student Handbook, as well the Student Memorandum of Receipt and Understanding. You will be asked to review these document prior to class with the understanding that your signature is required on this form for your to partake in the program.

Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the assigned due date. Assignments submitted after this time, will be deemed late. Late submissions may be accepted, at the discretion of the instructor. In these circumstances, 10% of the assignment value, will automatically be taken off the student's grade.

Please review the Student Handbook, as well the Student Memorandum of Receipt and Understanding. You will be asked to review these document prior to class with the understanding that your signature is required on this form for your to partake in the program.

This program is open to all students. The program fee is currently the same for all students. Please ensure that you have read the recommended entrance prerequisites for this program.

Please note this program is only 105 hours in length (14 days or 35 evenings). If you are an international student, please check with your country of origin for study options and study permit guidelines. If you have additional questions regarding this program, or others offered at Langara College, please contact the college's International Education department.

I learned a lot in your class because you took the extra time to explain things clearly and you gave me the extra help I needed especially when I was so nervous about the EMR test. Thank you for creating such a great and fun environment to learn and for allowing us to express our ideas. Even though this course is very intensive, I believe that it is a life changing experience and you have helped us shape and make it more valuable to be a successful MOA.  For now, I will focus to achieve my skills assessment <as I look for work>. Thank you ~ Noreen A. 2018 MOA graduate

I am writing this email to say thank you for being an amazing instructor and being so cooperative all throughout. Thank you for creating such a great environment to learn and where we were encouraged to express our thoughts and opinions. Thank you once again. ~ P. Oberoi, 2018-07 MOA graduate

I would like to thank Langara College and instructor Sally Evans <Langara Continuing Studies MOA program>. I had a fantastic learning experience and got a MOA job at a family clinic before I completed this program. My first job since I immigrated to Canada! Langara’s MOA program is probably the shortest one among all, yet it provides you with all essential knowledges and prepares you to work as an MOA.


The program is intense due to its short length, but the learning material is carefully selected, and the teaching plan is very well organized. Therefore, no matter what your educational background is, as long as you meet the prerequisites and work hard to follow, you will be able to learn the knowledge, pass the course, earn your certificate and start your career.  I would highly recommend this program and the instructor Sally Evans to anyone who wants to work in a clinical environment and wishes to get job quickly, even if you are new to Canada.

~ Sarah Yun Fan, 2018-3-12 MOA graduate

I received my <MOA> certificate last year and now I have a great job at the College of Dental Surgeons as a Receptionist. The MOA program was a good program and I also enjoyed Sally as an instructor. ~ Noreen Proch ~ 2017 graduate

I actually just got my first MOA job with a plastic surgeon, <employer name>, in Victoria! Your class was invaluable with giving me enough skills to find a job. Thanks again!!  ~ Jaimie Sumner ~ January 2016 MOA Student

I am very happy that I enrolled myself in this program. It was cost-effective, efficient and very informative. Even  with my academic background in healthcare, I learned a lot of new material for my future career in medicine. Sarah (Sally) Evans is an absolutely fantastic person and  an incredible instructor. My whole experience starting from talking to you about this program till the final exam for this class has been delightful. I will be definitely recommending this program and the instructor Sally Evans to everyone I know who would be interested in taking this course in the future.

I just wanted to inform you that I got a job offer working as a MOA for  ... Medical Clinic located in Vancouver. I have started training with them couple days ago and all the material that you taught us in the class is proving very helpful. Thank you very much for everything.  ~ Anurag Tiwari ~ Sept 2015 MOA  student

Right after the program in November 2016, I was hired at ... Hospital as Clerk IV casual on call through Providence Health with a minimum of 3 days shifts per week. On March 30, 2017, I was offered a temporary full time for a year to cover maternity leave. This program has opened so many opportunities for me; as I was also hired as a program assistant through VCH ... but decided to concentrate .. (on my position) at the Hospital which is closer to my home. At first I underestimated the program because of the duration but I was wrong. I got so many job offers after.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Langara College and my instructor Sally Evans! It is truly life changing!  ~ Rosel Asencio ~ September 2016 MOA student

Once you have completed all content and successfully passed all evaluations in the MOA program (see pass requirements in the question above "Requirements for Successful Course Completion"), you may apply for your MOA Certificate. Please follow this link to download your Certificate/Graduation application. Directions for submitting your completed application, and required fees, can be found on the application.

To view graduation dates, should you wish to attend, please see this link:

Depending on your completion date of the program, you may have to wait until the next graduation/convocation date to attend. If you are uncertain, or need more information, please contact the CS registration office at 604.323.5322 or


Possible job opportunities may include: Admitting Clerk, Medical Secretary, Medical Transcriptionist, Medical Receptionist, Medical Billing Clerk, Scheduling/Booking Clerk, Admitting Clerk, Medical Office Assistant, and Medical Office Administrator. Please note that employers may have different hiring requirements. If seeking a specific job placement, before you register, you should first inquire with those particular employers as to what program(s) they will recognize.

This Government of Canada link will provide you with key facts applicable to MOAs in Canada:


This program DOES NOT have a practicum component, although a portion of the program is dedicated to providing students with some success strategies for seeking practice work and employment in this field.

The MOA Certificate at Langara is specific in its content, and is only one part of the employment equation - with administrative skills being required as well; either in the form of additional education or experience.  For this reason we do not track employment success as the students may, or may not, be going on to seek employment immediately upon completion.

We do receive multiple emails and phone calls from graduates updating us on their placements in hospitals, and medical clinics and offices.

1) You will need to know your Langara computer login credentials

  • Once you have your student identification number, please follow this link to obtain information on your student logins for in-class computers, and wifi. If you have problems with this, please come to the college prior to day one of class, to have IT assist you. They are located in the Library building on campus, 100 West 49th Avenue.
  • You would have received your 9 digit student identification number on your receipt of payment for the program. If you can not locate it, please call the registration office at 604.323.5322 for their assistance.

2) You must review and be familiar with the Student Handbook and Memorandum of Receipt and Understanding. You will be asked to sign a copy on the first day of class.

3) You will need headphones (earbuds are fine), note pad, pen & paper, and a USB stick to class.

4) You will receive an email approximately 1 weeks prior to the program start date advising you:

  • to review this section of the FAQs page,
  • of room number and class times

5) It is pay parking on campus.

6) Public transportation is very easy with a Canada Line station located at 49th and Cambie.

7) You are reminded there are NO refunds after 48 hours (2 days) prior to program start date.


Notice of withdrawal must be provided at least 48 working hours prior to the program start date. There are NO refunds issued after this time.

CELBAN is an English language essentials and English language usage for the specific purpose of nursing. Focus is on vocabulary specific to the field of nursing and guided practice for essential interpersonal skills for successful communication with patients and co-workers in medical settings.

This course is not required for enrolment in the MOA program, or for work placement for the MOA. If you are interested in this course for practical study, please follow this link to contact the instructor about this course.

Jeff Madigan

To Do Before Class Begins

Tasks and Software Requirements

  1. Familiarize yourself with Brightspace (open PDF). NOTE: Brightspace may be used to share class content and to administer exams.
  2. Download Zoom to test out camera, speakers and microphone: Your instructor will send an invitation to you to attend class.
  3. Accessing student emails:
  4. Student services workshops:
  5. Send a signed copy of the Student Agreement Form to your instructor at