FAQs (program questions)

FAQs (program questions)


Our students are excited to hear what opportunities are available to them upon graduation. We invite you to post this employment opportunity on our C3 job board viewable by our students and recent graduates. We welcome job postings for full time, part time, and temporary paid positions within Canada at no cost to the employer.

To post a job, please go to www.langara.ca/c3 and submit a job posting request. Once submitted, the job posting will be reviewed by the Co-op and Career Development Centre team and they will reach out if we have any questions.

Please contact the Co-op and Career Development Centre at career@langara.ca if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest in hiring Langara talent.

MOA Employers:

Note that the Langara MOA program is unique in the MOA education field as we deliver an intensive medical related content only program. This program was designed for those who have administration backgrounds (work or education) but wish to move into working in a medical environment. All students are advised that they will require additional administrative skills as outlined by the specific job description requirements, and that they would be required to show that on their resumes when applying for jobs. 

To qualify for the certification, students must successfully complete all 105 hours of course work with a minimum B- grade in each course (MOAP1101, 1102, 1103). All requirements must be completed within one year of starting the program. Students typically complete the program in one semester. By exception, courses may be taken individually as long as individual course prerequisites are met. There is not an application process for students wishing to register in this short-certificate. Students must register in all three modules unless by exception.

Students who began the program prior to September 2022 will have until April 2023 to receive a certificate credential. Students who began the program September 2022 onwards will receive a short certificate credential.

Each term a variety of delivery options may be available. Some programs are offered entirely online while others may be a hybrid (in-class, and online); or possible fully in-class. To participate online you must have the following technology to support your learning in this program:

  • A device (preferably a computer) with a camera and microphone
  • A stable internet connection
  • Access to Zoom for classroom sessions

College policies and safeguards may be found here: https://langara.ca/news-and-events/covid-19/

Please be advised that this program does not have an application process.

  • You must contact the Continuing Studies registration office at 604.323.5322 to register for the three courses that make up the MOA program (MOAP1101, 1102, 1103).
  • You must register and pay for all three modules together.
  • This program fills up quickly. It is advised to register as soon as the registration opens for the upcoming term (approximately 6 weeks prior to the term start of January, May or September). Please check online at www.langara.ca/cs for the registration dates, or call 604.323.5322 to confirm.
  • Although there is no application process, it is extremely important that students interested in this program review the Recommended Prerequisites on this website, as these skills are required in order to be successful in this class.
  • The program coordinator or registration office will not advise on your suitability for this program. As an adult learner the decision is up to you. As noted in the recommended prerequisites, the program is challenging and if you do not meet the recommended prerequisite for the program, it may affect you in obtaining a successful outcome.


  1. MOA program offered 5-6 times per year
  2. May be offered in-class; online; hybrid; or as online plus self-directed
  3. Options may include weekends only; weeknights only; weeknights and weekends; and weeknights plus self-directed studies
  4. Currently scheduled options are shown here. Dates and times are subject to change. Subsequent term schedules are published to the website approximately 6 weeks prior to the term start. 

This program is ideally intended for those with administrative skills, either from an educational background and/or from previous working experience, who wish to pursue a career as an MOA. As the program does not provide any administrative skills (ie. word, excel, etc.), it is recommended that you either obtain these prior to attending the program, or be prepared to obtain the additional administrative skills after completion of the program.

As mentioned in other areas of this webpage, the Langara CS MOA program is only one part of the equation in obtaining a job as a medical office administrator, or assistant in a medical office or clinic. Employers will be looking for additional administrative skills. 

Options at Langara for additional administrative skills courses

Recommended English Requirement:

The program is intensive and strong English comprehension skills are important. The recommended level of Grade 12 English or equivalent[1] is provided as a guideline for what level will allow you to be most successful in this program. If you are not sure of your English level you may take the Duolingo exam (see link below). Students may wish to consider upgrading through an English as a Second Language Program or pursue an English for Academic Purposes course.

[1] Grade 12 English or equivalent language skills (ie.Langara English Test with a minimum level 3; LPI with a minimum 26 on the essay and 5 in English usage, 5 in sentence structure, or 10 in reading comprehension or equivalent; CLB minimum 7 with 8 on Comprehension and/or IELTS minimum 6.5; Duolingo with 105 minimum)

Other institutions offer longer programs that cover additional content that we do not cover in this intensive, shortened program.

  • The Langara CS MOA program only instructs on content that specifically applies to working in a medical office (see the Curriculum tab of this website). Administrative skills that would transfer to other administrative jobs such as computer skills, word processing, keyboarding, spreadsheets, telephone skills, etc., are not covered in this program.
  • The Langara MOA program does not include a practicum.

We strongly recommend that you do your research to determine which program is right for you, and also for the type of employment you are seeking, as some offices may be specifically looking for graduates from certain programs.

Langara College offers many administrative courses to support your training in the MOA program. As noted on this website, we do not provide any administrative training in this shortened condensed program and expect that students will have these skills already, or will take the training needed as required by the work placements. Students may take this additional training before, or after, the MOA program, but should have this in place before applying for a job in this field. 

Administration and computer course options at Langara may be found here:
Administrative Assistant Short Certificate Program

Links to some possible job placements, and the skills they are looking for may be found here


  • The schedule will vary slightly depending on the intake option chosen.
  • All modules have associated evaluations, either by exam, project, presentation, or assignments.
  • Example of schedule and evaluations may be found here. Note that the weights and distribution of each evaluation may vary, and will be presented to you on the first day of class with your course outline.
  • You must be able to attend all sessions. 

  • Credit will not be granted for any similar courses taken elsewhere. There are no exceptions.
  • You must attend all days in the program, and successfully complete all evaluation methods that are part of this program in order to apply for your MOA credtential.

We recognize that there are many holidays beyond those that are granted in the school calendar. 

As there are only limited days in the delivery of this program, due to its condensed intensive format, missing a class may be detrimental to your learning outcomes. There are at least five intake options per year, and multiple delivery formats of days/times. Please select an intake option that ensures you meet the 100% attendance requirement.

Registrations are accepted on a first-come first-served basis, upon full receipt of tuition fees at the time of registration.


If the program is full, you will be asked if you wish to place your name on the waitlist. There are no fees for this, and it is strongly suggested that you do this, as people will often change their minds prior to the course start date. Please follow this link to view details regarding the waitlist process for courses that are full.

  • Students must receive a B- (70%) or greater on all three modules (MOAP1101, 1102, & 1103) to apply for their MOA credential. 
  • Criteria for assignments, quizzes, exams, and projects will be provided in class on a separate handout. Students must also achieve a minimum of 60% on all exams in order to pass the course. Students who do not pass the exams, or who achieve below the minimum mark in any of the three courses that make up this program, would be required to retake the program in another term.
  • There is not an option to challenge an exam, or a module.

Attendance in all classes is mandatory.

Although we understand some emergencies are unpreventable - students must understand, due to the nature of the program, that absences from class will likely hinder their success of receiving a passing grade in the program.

  • Missing any days of this intensive program is detrimental to your success in this program.
  • Any content missed for illness/family emergency will have to be obtained from your fellow students so it is important to meet your classmates and obtain a class 'buddy'.
  • Any absence from class must be pre-approved by the instructor and/or program coordinator, or supported by a doctor's note.
  • Where classes are missed, the student must come to the next class prepared and caught up on all assignments provided in the previous class(es). 
  • If possible, the instructor will try to provide opportunities for catching up on missed work or exam/quizzes, but this would occur only during class time and only if time permits; students will therefore be doubly pressed to stay up-to-date on all work and may not be given the opportunity, so this is not to be expected.
  • Due to make-up schedules only being during class time, it may not be possible for the student to catch up on missed evaluations - and thus the student may not be successful in receiving a passing grade.


Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the assigned due date. Assignments submitted after this time, will be deemed late. Late submissions may be accepted, at the discretion of the instructor. In these circumstances, 10% of the assignment value, will automatically be taken off the student's grade.


  • This program is open to all students. The program fee is currently the same for all students.
  • If you are an international student, you may require a study permit to take this program inside Canada. If you are not sure if this applies to you, please contact the International Student Coordinator at: international@langara.ca
  • This program is part-time at 105 hours total, completed within one term, and is therefore not eligible for a Post-graduation Work Permit or student loans. You may also wish to note that international students in part-time studies would not be eligible to work without a work permit. 
  • Before applying to this program, please ensure that you have read the recommended entrance prerequisites for this program. To register, please call 604-323-5322


Possible job opportunities may include: Admitting Clerk, Medical Secretary, Medical Transcriptionist, Medical Receptionist, Medical Billing Clerk, Scheduling/Booking Clerk, Admitting Clerk, Medical Office Assistant, and Medical Office Administrator. Please note that employers may have different hiring requirements. If seeking a specific job placement, before you register, you should first inquire with those particular employers as to what program(s) they will recognize.

This Government of Canada link will provide you with key facts applicable to MOAs in Canada: https://www.jobbank.gc.ca/marketreport/jobs/25791/ca


This program DOES NOT have a practicum component, although a portion of the program is dedicated to providing students with some success strategies for seeking practice work and employment in this field.

The MOA program at Langara is specific in its content, and is only one part of the employment equation - with administrative skills being required as well; either in the form of additional education or experience.  For this reason we do not track employment success as the students may, or may not, be going on to seek employment immediately upon completion.

We do receive multiple emails and phone calls from graduates updating us on their placements in hospitals, and medical clinics and offices.

Employers are invited to post job positions on the Langara Job Board


  • Refunds are subject to an 20% administrative fee, up to a maximum of $35/course. The related administrative fee for the MOA program is $105.
  • Notice of withdrawal must be provided at least 24 working hours prior to the program start date. There are NO refunds issued after this time.