FAQs (once registered)

FAQs (once registered)

Tasks to begin



Once you have registered, and received your 9 digit student number (request this when registering), and also on your receipt which will be mailed to you, you may begin to access some of the student services including these Action Items:

  1. You will need to know your Langara computer login credentials (see next FAQ)
  2. Prepare yourself with headphones (earbuds are fine), note pad, pen & paper, and a USB stick. 
  3. You are reminded there are NO refunds after 48 hours (2 days) prior to program start date. 
  4. If your class is online or partially online:
    • Download and familarize yourself with Zoom to test out camera, speakers and microphone: https://langara.zoom.us/. Your instructor will send an invitation to you to attend your first class. After that your invites will be posted to Brightspace.
    • You will require a computer with internet access
    • Your workspace should be free from distractions
  5. If class is scheduled on campus:
    • It is pay parking on campus;
    • Public transportation is very easy with a Canada Line station located at 49th and Cambie;
    • Arrive to class early as class will begin on time


  1. Mark your calendars to come back to this page to review that all items on this list have been met and to note any updates. 
  2. If on-campus, the Program Coordinator or Instructor will send you an email advising you of the room number of your on-campus class. It will also be posted beside the Continuing Studies office located in the A building.
  3. If online, you will receive a Zoom invitation to the first class via email
  4. Continue to FAQs: Pre-Class Action Items- User IDs


  • You would have received your 9 digit student identification number on your receipt of payment for the program. If you can not locate it, please call the registration office at 604.323.5322 for their assistance.


MYLANGARA LOGIN (SIS/Student Information System)
  • Your Student ID is the 9 digit number that you are given when you first become a Langara student.
  • This number will remain the same as long as you are a student. If you leave and then return to the college, your original Student ID will still be valid.
  • Password/PIN: New students are given a default PIN with their registration package.
If you have problems with the above, please come to the college prior to day one of class, to have IT assist you. IT is located in the Library building on campus, 100 West 49th Avenue. Additional logins for in-class computers, and wifi at this link.

Brightspace Access and Use


Familiarize yourself with Brightspace (open PDF). NOTE: Brightspace may be used to share class content and to administer exams. 

  • IMPORTANT: you will NOT be able to view the MOA Brightspace course (MOAP 1103) until 12:01am the morning of your first scheduled day of class. No information will be posted to that site that you would require for the first day, however, please test out your access to Brightspace well before the first day.
  • In addition to your student drive, Brightspace is required to access handouts, worksheets, and administrative documents and exams. To view instructions on using and accessing Brightspace, visit https://langara.ca/information‐technology/it‐services/teaching‐learning‐tools/d2l.html. Brightspace will be available once you have your log‐in credentials, and one week prior to the class start date.
  • Student help: https://iweb.langara.ca/lts/


Access and Use


  • You will be emailed a "ZOOM Invite" for your first class sessions a week prior to the start of your class.
  • All future Zoom invites will also be posted to your online Brightspace course.
  • Information on using Zoom at Langara is available at langara.zoom.us. You do not need to download Zoom as the link sent to you will take you to the "classroom".
  • Please allow your camera access and mute yourself on entry. Your instructor will advise you when to turn on your microphones. The chat option is to be used for questions, unless advised otherwise.
  • Please ensure you clear your calendar of events during your scheduled sessions as attendance is mandatory,
  • You must be present for the duration of each live Zoom session, and available should you be called on to participate. Unless stated, sessions are not recorded for later review.
  • Please do your best to minimize distractions during class time. This is an intensive program and to be successful you must be focused on the content.
  • Student help: https://iweb.langara.ca/lts/how-to/zoom/

  • Once you have completed all content and successfully passed all evaluations in the MOA program (see pass requirements in the question above "Requirements for Successful Course Completion"), you may apply for your MOA short-certificate.
  • Follow this link to download your Certificate/Graduation application. Directions for submitting your completed application, and required fees, can be found on the application.
  • To view graduation dates, should you wish to attend, please see this link: http://langara.ca/registration-and-records/convocation/index.html. Depending on your completion date of the program, you may have to wait until the next graduation/convocation date to attend.
  • If you require more information, please contact the CS registration office at 604.323.5322 or csgeneral@langara.ca

Approximate cost for both is $130 before tax. Use the Find My Textbooks Tool to get your personalized booklist

 Once you have your student number, these can be ordered through the Langara Bookstore site: https://mycampusstore.langara.bc.ca using the course code MOAP1101. Read through your options carefully. Digital options may direct you to a third-party website to purchase.

  • Working in a Health Services Environment (Northrose) - see bookstore for fees
  • Medical Transcription Condensed (Custom Edition - Langara College) - see bookstore for fees

Note: If you require help with your online orders, please visit: