Who is the LEAP team?

The LEAP team is made up of instructors and staff experienced and interested in working with people from varied language and cultural backgrounds.

LEAP instructors are committed to enhancing the learning experience of their students. All LEAP instructors are university graduates, specializing in teaching English to speakers of other languages. The majority of LEAP instructors have graduate degrees in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

Paul has an MA in Counselling Psychology (UBC), a BA in English and Political Science (UBC), and a TESL Diploma (UBC). He has taught English in Vancouver since 1993.

Carmita has an MEd in TESL/TEFL and a BSc from the University of Manitoba. She has developed and taught classes in ESL, EAP, exam preparation, and teaching training programs for almost 20 years. Her teaching experiences have been in private institutes and universities in Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, the USA, and Vancouver.

"For me, an energetic, engaging, and interactive classroom environment is the key to creating an effective learning experience for my students."

Mary has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Simon Fraser University (English Major, History Minor) and a TESOL Certificate from Vancouver Community College. She has been teaching and tutoring in the Lower Mainland with international students and new Canadian immigrants since 2005.

"It is fascinating to work with students from different backgrounds and cultures. They bring such unique life experiences that add to the class dynamics. I also really enjoy helping students communicate their ideas in English. It's such a challenge in the beginning, and I love watching them improve and gain confidence as they learn to express themselves. It's a very rewarding job."

Susan has an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language (UBC), a BA in English Literature and Theatre (UBC), and a Diploma in TESOL (VCC). She has taught ESL in Vancouver since 2007, formerly in settlement language programs and more recently in EAP.

"I love teaching at Langara because it is inspiring to see students make incredible progress developing their language and academic skills in this program - and it's wonderful to play a part in their success".

Christine has a BSc from SFU, SME Diploma from UBC and a TESL Certificate from VCC. She has been teaching English to new Canadian immigrants and international students in the Vancouver Lower Mainland since 1993.

"It's great to see students improve their confidence in English both inside and outside of the classroom over such a short period of time.  The new skills they learn in class are further developed out in the community, where they can explore new places, participate in fun and interesting activities and meet people from different cultures in Vancouver."

Kristi has a BA in Anthropology (University of Missouri), an MA in Applied Linguistics (Georgia State University), and a CELTA certificate (RSA-Cambridge). She has been teaching ESL and academic skills since 1998. Prior to joining the LEAP Program in 2010, she taught in the United States, Chile, and Turkey.

"I enjoy teaching in the LEAP Program because I like being a part of the students' academic journey. It's very rewarding to see them progress and move closer to their goals. Along the way, I also learn a lot from my students and am able to grow both as an instructor and as a citizen of this multi-cultural society."

Patricia has a BA, a BEd (UBC), and a TESL Certificate (VCC). She has been teaching ESL since 1996.  Patricia has taught in Taiwan and Vancouver.

"I enjoy teaching English in LEAP because I can witness students building their confidence and accomplishing their goals."

Vicky has a BA in English Literature, an extended minor in Linguistics, and a TESL certificate from SFU. She has been teaching ESL in Vancouver since 2001.

"The most rewarding thing about being a teacher is seeing how much a student can grow and seeing them achieve their goals in LEAP. I feel so honoured to be part of their academic journey."

Kate has been teaching English for over two decades in a variety of settings: corporate, immigrant outreach, research institutes, private high schools, as well as colleges and universities. She has a degree in Applied Linguistics and a TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Certificate from the University of British Columbia. She also has done research in Speech Pathology and Audiology. She is a certified Cambridge English Examiner and an experienced TOEFL and IELTS instructor. Kate has taught in Taiwan, Japan, and Canada.

Kate greatly enjoys music, language, and travel. After spending 6 years travelling around Asia, she decided to raise her family here in Vancouver and has been a member of the LEAP team of instructors since 2010.

Magda has an MA in Applied Linguistics (A. Mickiewicz University, Poland), a BEd, and a TESL Diploma (Vancouver Community College). She has been teaching ESL since 2002. She has taught in Poland and Canada, and has experience in working with both international students and newcomers to Canada. 

"The best thing about teaching in LEAP is watching students get closer to achieving their academic goals and knowing that I am part of their jouney."

Baljit has a BA and a Diploma in Education (UBC), and a Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (Kwantlen). She has taught English for Academic Purposes in Vancouver since 2001.

"I am passionate about engaging students in the learning process so that they can realize their strengths."

Liz has a BA in Psychology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) from RSA- Cambridge.

Liz has been teaching English as a Second Language since 2001. She has taught in Thailand and Vancouver. 

"I've really enjoyed working with students from around the world, and I think the LEAP program offers our students the best opportunity to study English, learn the local culture and pursue their academic goals."

Brianne has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Bachelor of Arts in German Literature (with a minor in Russian) from UBC. She has an Associate of Arts Degree in Creative Writing (Langara) as well as a TESL certificate. She has been teaching English in Vancouver since 2008.

"Being a part of the LEAP Program is very rewarding because I get to see students discover and gain confidence in their own strengths and critical thinking skills. It's also very exciting to help students find and use their academic voices effectively to communicate their opinions, as well as understand and appreciate each other's perspectives. The LEAP Program provides our students with the opportunity to see how their hard work can be applied to achieve their goals, which really prepares them for success on the road ahead."

Alan has a BA in English, a CERTESL (U. of Saskatchewan), and has been teaching English as a Second Language to adults since 1986. He has taught in Japan and Canada.

Emilie has a Master's of Education (TESL) and a BA from UBC, as well as a CELTA certificate. She has been teaching ESL since 2001.

"Teaching in the LEAP Program has allowed me to meet a unique group of motivated, dedicated, and goal-oriented students who challenge and inspire me to do better, as well as to work with a staff of professionals who are not only role models, but also friends. LEAP is a wonderful place to teach, and an even better place to reach your study goals. I continue to learn more about teaching every day from my colleagues, students, and through professional development."

Keith has a BA in Communications (SFU), a CELTA Certificate (RSA-Cambridge), and has been teaching English since 1997. Keith has enjoyed teaching in Canada, the USA, and Japan.

Valerie has an MA in Applied Linguistics - TESOL (U. of Surrey, England), and a BA in Communications and Philosophy (Concordia University, Montreal). Since 1996, she has taught English (and French) as a second and foreign language in Mexico and Canada.

"LEAP's team-teaching model enables us to be flexible as we adapt to the changes that are generated from our shared experience and dialogue. This constant renewal improves our materials so we can best respond to our students' needs. It's great to be a part of such a dynamic program."

Sophie has an M.Ed. in Adult Learning and Global Change (UBC), a BA (UVic), and a BEd (U. of Western Ontario). Sophie has been teaching ESL and EAP since 1992, and has taught in colleges and universities in France, Hungary, and Canada.

"I am happy to share my passion for languages and curiosity about life with my students. I aim to help students understand, shape, and enjoy their own learning."

JoAnn has an MA (Uni. of Hawai'i), a BA, and TESL Certificate. She has been teaching ESL since 1992. JoAnn has enjoyed teaching post-secondary students in Hawai'i, Japan, and Vancouver.

Ashley has a BA in Psychology (UBC) and a TESOL Diploma (VCC). She has taught ESL and EAP in Langley and Vancouver since 2000.

"Being able to teach students from around the world and empowering them to succeed in their settlement and academic goals make my job a very rewarding one."

Leslie-Anne has a BA in English, and BEd in TESL (Brock U.). She has been teaching ESL since 1992. Leslie-Anne has taught in Japan and the Czech Republic.

"My goal as a teacher in the LEAP program is to help students reach their academic goals by improving their academic English skills. When a former student tells me they have been accepted to UT or other university programs, then I know I have helped them reach that goal."

Becky has a BA from Trinity Western University and a TESOL Diploma from VCC. She has been teaching ESL since 1998. Becky has taught in Japan, Australia, and Vancouver.

"I enjoy teaching English in LEAP because I can see students progress in English and move one step closer to their goals."

Farid has an MA in TESL (UBC), a BA in Linguistics, and a TESL Diploma (SFU). He has taught English in Iran and has been teaching adults and college students in Vancouver since 1995.

Branca has an M.Ed. in English Education (UBC) and a BA in English Language and Literature. She has taught English in Europe and has been teaching English as a Second Language in Vancouver since 1997.

"Through our program students acquire the ability to communicate not only with each other, but also with imagined selves in journals and academic selves in research. I enjoy following their progress through readings, projects, paragraphs, and argumentative essays."

Lisa has a Master in Communication with a Specialization in International and Intercultural Relations (RRU), a BA in Linguistics and Sociology (SFU), and a TESL Certificate (SFU). She has been working in International Education since 1997 and has been teaching ESL since 2007.

"The incredible progress I witness everyday with the motivated, creative, and engaged students who choose LEAP makes my job extremely rewarding!"

Kim has a BA in Applied Communications, a Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA), and a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA). She has been teaching since 1999. She has taught exam preparation and young learners in Spain for 6 years and 3 years of Cambridge exam preparation in Vancouver.

"Teaching in LEAP, I am motivated everyday because I feel so fortunate to work with such a dynamic group of instructors and because I love helping our dedicated students achieve their academic goals."

Kristina has an M.Ed. TEAL from Simon Fraser University, a B.A. in Anthropology and French from McGill University, and a Cambridge CELTA from Beruffoerderungsinstitut Vienna.

She has taught in Angola, Austria, and Vancouver. She started teaching at Langara in 2012.

"I enjoy second language teaching because it's so rewarding to give people from different backgrounds the tools to communicate with each other and come to understand each other. In the LEAP program, I find it amazing to see students make so much progress in their language skills in such a short time."

Dave has a BA in Psychology with a Specialization in English, a B.Ed, and a TESOL certificate.

Dave started his teaching career here in Vancouver with an international school then spent 1.5 years teaching in Japan. After teaching in Japan he came back to Vancouver and taught University Prep at the same  international school, then began his B.Ed at UBC. During his B.Ed he did a practicum exchange in Singapore. He's been teaching ESL for over 10 years.

"I enjoy teaching ESL because I like helping people learn new things that might open doors for them in the future. I like teaching in LEAP because the intensive nature in the program allows students to see real progress in their learning in a short time and I have wonderful co-workers that I learn from every day."

Amanda has a BA in Education Studies and English (U. of Wolverhampton), a CELTA Certificate (RSA - Cambridge), and a BEd in TESL (U. of Amsterdam). She has taught English in the Netherlands, China, and South Korea and has been teaching English as a Second Language since 2001.

"The LEAP Program allows me to make the learning experience rewarding for students as well as for myself. I learn new things from my students every time I enter the classroom, and my aim is to make sure my students experience the same thing - they learn to be more capable and comfortable with academic English."

Andrea has a BA in English and History (U. of Western Ontario) and a TESL Certificate. She has been teaching ESL since 1990. She has taught in Slovakia, Japan, and Canada.

Sylvia has a BA in English Literature from UBC and a TESOL Diploma from Vancouver Community College.

Sylvia has been teaching English since 1994 and has taught both in Vancouver and in South Korea.

"I love watching each student grow in confidence and ability. I am also very interested in students' lives and all the stories they bring with them to Canada!"

Graham has a BSc (SFU), an MA in Japanese Language and Society (University of Sheffield), as well as a CELTA, and a TESOL Diploma. Graham has enjoyed teaching ESL and EAP since 2002, including a decade teaching at colleges and middle schools in Japan. Since 2013 he has been a proud member of the LEAP Program.

"The coordinated approach to teaching is one of my favourite aspects of the LEAP Program. As an instructor, this approach creates opportunities for discussion, and development of my own teaching abilities. Of even greater importance, coordination provides students with a better educational product, because of the fair and efficient path it affords them to language learning success."

Claudette has an MA in TESOL (U. of London, England). She has taught ESL in Japan, England, and Canada.

"I love teaching in the LEAP program because it is an absolute pleasure teaching motivated students and helping them achieve their goals".