Langara English for Academic Purposes (LEAP)

Langara English for Academic Purposes (LEAP) is an intensive ESL program designed to prepare students whose first language is not English for full-time study at English language universities and colleges.

Learn English - LEAP Program Highlights

  • Nine levels of ESL training, from upper beginner to advanced*
  • Seven-week sessions
  • 20 hours of instruction and learning per week
  • Classes scheduled Monday to Friday (between 8:30am - 12:20pm or 12:30 - 4:20pm depending on the level)
  • Approximately two to four hours of homework per day
  • Integrated skills (develop all four skills together)
  • Academic topics
  • Graduation from LEAP 8 leads to direct admission to university studies at Langara

*Before the first day of the program, students take a placement test to determine their level

LEAP Program Information

Langara’s ESL programming uses an integrated approach to language learning. Rather than teach skills in isolation we use a holistic methodology, combining speaking, listening, reading, and writing and focusing on a variety of relevant and interesting topics. Using a content-based curriculum, we engage students in activities that require the use of a variety of strategies to encourage authentic communication. This creates a dynamic, student-centred learning environment in which students acquire language in a natural and meaningful way. Gradually, students learn to approach classroom content the same way as Canadian students whose first language is English.

Projects and Presentations are an important part of each LEAP level as they encourage students to work creatively and cooperatively. In addition, projects and presentations integrate skills that students will need in university and college classrooms.

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Watch the LEAP Graduation Reception highlights below and join us in congratulating our LEAP 2022 graduates! More videos from past celebrations are in our video gallery.

Languages Canada

LEAP is accredited by Languages Canada.