Kate Browning Dip. Midwifery, BSN, RN, PhD (candidate), CAIEHP, CSRFR Program Coordinator, Lead Instructor, Intensive and Certificate Programs

Kate has a breadth of experience in health care as a Registered Midwife, Registered Nurse, consultant, program coordinator, educator, clinical supervisor, lecturer, author, and psychotherapist. She is the coordinator of the Integrative Energy Healing™ Intensive and Certificate programs, has a private practice in AIEH™ and psychotherapy, and is pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology. Kate's nursing practice has focused on both mental health and substance use and on maternal-child health, including psychiatric outreach work in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and support of infants in the BC foster care system. Kate is the recipient of a unique grant from the St. Paul’s Foundation to work with acute psychiatric hospital patients using the AIEH™ modality. As well, she created and ran an AIEH™-based wellness clinic for mental health program staff at St. Paul’s Hospital, and has been an AIEH™-specialized educator for Vancouver Coastal Health overseeing the delivery of AIEH™ care to complex clients in VCH’s eating disorders program. Kate’s teaching in the Intensive and AIEH™ programs focuses on paradigms of health and healing, therapeutic communication, case formulation, and somatic-based IEH™ approaches to working with issues of trauma and attachment.

Debra Winter BSc, CIEHP, CAIEHP, CSRFR Instructor, open registration "Awakening" series; clinic supervisor

Debra is in private practice as a Certified Advanced Integrative Energy HealingTM practitioner. Debra completed her practicum for her IEH certificate in South India where she was educated in the Integral Yoga Psychology of Aurobindo Ghose and Mirra Alfassa. Over the years, her continued studies in the Vedic principals of Integral Yoga Psychology have helped her bring synthesis of biofield healing and Eastern yogic science to her practice and teaching. Debra teaches the Awakening series of courses in the AIEH™ program.

Robin Fried, BA, MA, CIEHP, CAIEHP Instructor, AIEH Certificate program; clinic and internship supervisor

Robin’s academic and professional background includes creating and managing innovative educational programs in the academic, public, and non-profit sectors. Robin is lecturing, clinical, and internship faculty in the AIEH program. Creating a Quality of Being is the foundation for Robin’s client-centered Integrative Energy Healing™ practice: allowing her clients to find an inner peace and the grace of living with equanimity, whatever their reality. Currently, Robin is also a Lay Representative, Canadian Clinical Trials Group, for the Canadian Cancer Society, an example of her continuing service to advocate for improved health and palliative care for all Canadians.

Mara Hagglund, CAIEHP Instructor, IEH Intensive; clinic supervisor

Mara has a background in art and design. She is an AIEH™ clinic supervisor specializing in the eating disorder portion of the clinical program. She participated in the Surrey Memorial Hospital AIEH™ research project on occupational health, and has a role in the Eating Disorder-AIEH™ Evaluation Project. Mara is developing a specialty in trauma and somatic-based Integrative Energy Healing™ in her private practice. She has been a student of yoga for thirty-seven years and is a lifelong student of metaphysical teachings. Mara lectures in the Intensive program, focusing on developing awareness of energy in self and others.

Monica Heuser, CIEHP, CHHP, CAIEH, CSRFR Instructor, Intensive and Certificate programs; Clinical Coordinator

Monica teaches in both the Intensive and the AIEH™ programs. She coordinates the clinical supervision and supports the administration of the Integrative Energy Healing™ programs.

Monica has a private practice focusing on facilitating client well-being and high level wellness. She has a background in child care and continues to study advanced modalities of healing.

Vera Lagasse, BSc, MHA, CIEHP, CAIEHP, CSRFR Instructor, IEH Intensive; clinic and internship supervisor

Vera has worked in various health policy and program positions within the federal
government to support community-based health and violence prevention
initiatives. She has been an active Integrative Energy Healing ™ practitioner for
over ten years, focusing in particular on applying somatic techniques to
address trauma. She is also a graduate of Langara’s Strategic Resilience for
First Responders program. Vera teaches the Awakening content in the Intensive,
and is a clinic supervisor and faculty lead in the eating disorders clinic

Kate Shelest BSN, RN, CAIEHP, MA (candidate) Instructor, AIEH Certificate program

Kate has a nursing background in chronic disease management, medical/surgical nursing, acquired brain injury vocational rehab, long term case management, and palliative care and hospice. She currently maintains a private practice in AIEH™ within her work as a Registered Nurse. Kate is currently pursuing a Masters degree in integral health. Kate’s teaching in the AIEH™ program focuses on  integral health, biofield healing, delineating the AIEH™ scope and standards of practice, and client-centered, inter-professional collaborative care.

Eleanor has 28 years’ experience teaching at the post-secondary level in the visual arts and design.
She has also taught Yoga for 20 years, with a particular focus on the
intricacies of working with special needs. Eleanor has trained in many kinds of
movement techniques, and these have created a teaching philosophy that supports
ongoing enhancement of a multi-dimensional awareness through ease of movement.
Eleanor focused on Integrative Energy Healing™ for the very elderly during her AIEH™ training and
continues developing classes for the elderly that respectfully meld yogic
movement and philosophies with AIEH™ practices. Eleanor is a teaching assistant
with the IEHI and AIEH™ programs