AIEH Curriculum

AIEH Curriculum

REQUIRED Advanced Certificate program courses

Please Note: Due to the presence of covid-19 in British Columbia and related public health recommendations, the dates of course offerings within the AIEH certificate program have required adjustment. Please revisit this page for updates on future offerings)

1. The Yoga of Self & Soul (Winter) Awakening series: OPEN COURSE
Is there something beyond the borders of ego? Are you ever pulled inward toward a heart-centered longing for more purposeful meaning? The Yoga of Self and Soul presents a Vedic understanding of internal processes that enhance and distort self-remembering. Experiential practices based on the five energy bodies and three gunas guide the unfolding of greater conscious self-awareness.
(3 days, 24 hrs. This course has open registration to the public--full program enrollement is not necessary. Next offered online, Fall term 2020)

2. Consciousness, Presence, and Awareness (Winter) Awakening series: OPEN COURSE
What are you truly, behind all appearances? The modern convergence of science and spirituality presents ideas on reality. These ideas are explored through the lens of Vedic concentric and hierarchical models of consciousness interwoven with notions of ego, fractured ego, shadow, yogic self-inquiry practices, and heart-work that nurtures inner-focused dialogue. Doors open to personal understanding, integration, and action. 
(3 days, 24 hrs. This course has open registration to the public--full program enrollement is not necessary. Next offered Winter 2021)

3. Dimensions of Human Becoming (Winter) Awakening series: OPEN COURSE
What if you can speak to your cells and shift neurotransmitter and cell receptor responses, release repressed impactful unconscious feelings, stop vicious thought cycles, access peace of heart and soul, increase inner wisdom, and accept greater conscious awareness? Discussion and practices centre on new scientific findings and ancient wisdom traditions that link inner subliminal awareness with four specific levels of mind and emotion.
(3 days, 24 hrs. This course has open registration to the public--full program enrollement is not necessary. Next offered TBA

4. Awareness Dialogue and Self-Inquiry (Fried) OPEN COURSE
Using a self-inquiry approach to inner awareness and meaning making, heuristic concepts and practices are used to encourage exploration of the deeper meanings, edges, and double signals behind problems, issues, and opportunities that arise in human experience. This discovery process includes tacit, subliminal,and subtle body techniques as well as communication styles that support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-discovery. 
(3 days, 24 hrs. This course has open registration to the public--full program enrollement is not necessary. Next offered online, Fall term 2020)

5. Biofield Healing and Wave Modulation (Shelset, Heuser) Healing Science series: clinical course
All things physical are made of particles, particles of light, and light has information. Our focus: subtle energy strategies for accessing wave recognition, flow and manipulation, spiral flows, element pulse, cell dialogue, meridian internal trajectories, and changing the way the waves of light and their information function and interact with the human body. Numerous protocols address human energy field function.
(10 days, over 3 modules + clinic time--Advanced Certificate program enrollment required. Prerequisite: Integrative Energy Healing Intensive Next offered TBA)

6. Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Clinical Practice 1-2 (Faculty)--Healing Science series: clinical course (Winter/Spring term year one Advanced Certificate program clincal--hours and location variable)

7. Quantum Connections to Self (Winter) Awakening series: OPEN COURSE
Thoughts and emotions exert powerful influences on how we define ourselves, the ‘self’ aspect as well as the ‘soul’ aspect. Our belief systems impact innate healing abilities and cellular responses. Discussing symbolic sight and archetypal awareness, this course addresses the larger aspects of self and soul buried under conditional personality or chronic issues. Subtle energy and Vedic inspired practices present new ways to explore health and wholeness.
(3 days, 24 hrs. This course has open registration to the public--full program enrollement is not necessary. Next offered TBA)

8. Clinical Case Taking (Browning) Healing Science series
Clinical case taking outlines the skills that Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ practitioners require in order to manage a client case effectively and efficiently providing for helpful biofield and wellness-based outcomes. Focus is on history taking, basic and advanced communication skills, the ability to establish helping relationships with clients, and explore problem situations as healing opportunities, implement plans based on client readiness, and together with clients, evaluate outcomes.
(1day, 8 hrs Advanced Certificate program enrollment required. Prerequisite: Biofield Healing and Wave Modulation --Oct. 23, 20: online

9. The Art of Body Reading (Browning) Healing Science series: clinical course
The art of body reading presents a method of analysis that looks at body structure, structural imbalances, and the dynamic interaction between shape and emotional history, emotional holding patterns, and life issues. This process of analysis allows practitioners to rapidly assess and deepen their ability to support a client’s journey toward wholeness. These methods can be easily integrated into any holistic health practice.  
(3 days, 24 hrs + clinic time. Advanced Certificate program enrollment required. Prerequisite: Biofield Healing and Wave Modulation; Recommended: Trauma and Somatic-Based IEH™ --Next offered TBA

10. Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ Clinical Practice 2-2 (Faculty)--Healing Science series: clinical course (Winter/Spring year two Advanced Certificate program clinical--hours and locations variable)

11. Trauma and Somatic-Based Integrative Energy Healing (Browning) Healing Science series: clinical course
Quiet the mind, soothe the body, locate the story, regulate the nervous systems and with Integrative Energy Healing™ build physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual coping strategies.  Finding strengths, accessing resources, and working the edges of trauma as it is expressed energetically and somatically may unwind dissociated freeze states initiated by shock trauma, leading to a healing process of renewal.  
(10 days over 3 modules + clinics. Advanced Certificate program enrollment required Prerequisite: Biofield Healing and Wave Modulation. Sept. 25-27; Nov. 27-30, 2020; Jan. 22-24, 2021)

12. Internship - Local (Faculty)--Healing Science series: clinical course
Program participants are offered a choice of internships that provide opportunities to deepen and synthesize program outcomes. The internships focus on specific content and client areas that particularly suit this gentle yet powerful therapeutic approach to healing. Participants work in conjunction with an internship coordinator and are always associated with designated staff at the internship site. (Internships are attended once per week for 8-12 weeks, with additional work outside of site placement time. Must be enrolled in the Advance Certificate program at  year two level and in good academic standing to register).

13. It’s All Healing (Browning, faculty) --Healing Science series: graduation seminar
The aim of this final seminar is fourfold: to focus on multiple hand healing and template building; to deepen healing processes by integrating Awareness Dialogue strategies; to address the treatment complexities required when integrating the yoga of awakening; and, to share student transformative healing-learning presentations.
(4 days, 32 hours. Must have fully and satisfactorily completed all course and clinical work within the Advanced Certificate program to enrol with program coordinator approval. Next offered TBA)

By the end of the program individuals will be able to:

  • Utilize ‘awakening’ practices
  • Use transformational therapeutic and awareness dialogue strategies
  • Practice a range of advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ modalities to facilitate client care
  • Promote subtle energy science and wholistic views of healing
  • Appreciate multicultural teachings and ancient wisdom in relation to IEH
  • Value interconnectedness
  • Apply IEH Standards of Practice, and other program guidelines to professional practice
  • Demonstrate theoretical and clinical expertise
  • Draw from a variety of evidence based cultural complementary healing views

Graduates of the Advanced IEH Certificate program are eligible to use the title Certified Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner (CAIEHP) in self or agency employment.
Professional practice insurance is available for CAIEHP graduates of our Advanced Certificate program.