Mindfulness Class Audio Recordings

Mindfulness Class Audio Recordings

MBSR & MBCT Tom Heah

MBSR - T. Heah - Body Scan Meditation

MBSR - T. Heah -- Ten Minute Mindfulness of Breath

MBSR - T. Heah - Guided Meditation

MBSR - T. Heah - Lying Down Movements

MBSR - T. Heah - Standing Movements

MBSR - T. Heah - 3 step breathing space

MBSR - T. Heah - 3 step responsive breathing

MBSR - T. Heah - Chimes at 5,10,15,20….40 minute



MBCT - D. Coles - Body Scan Meditation

MBCT - D. Coles - Five Minute Breathing Space

MBCT - D. Coles - Mindfulness of Breath, Body & Thoughts

MBCT - D. Coles - Hatha Yoga (New)

MBCT - D.Coles - Introduction to Hatha Yoga

MBCT - D. Coles - Guided Meditation

MBSR - L. Turner: Body Scan: audio recording (mp3)


MBSR - L. Turner: Sitting: audio recording (mp3)


MBSR - L. Turner: Mindful Yoga 1 40 minute audio file (mp3)


MBSR - L. Turner: Mindful Yoga 2: 


Note: links for the following are currently begin updated:

1)Mindful Yoga audio file 10 minute and 25 minute versions available (mp3)

2)Progress Muscle Relaxation 10 minute audio file (mp3)

Description: Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a technique of tensing and relaxing muscles through your body - it can help to increase levels of relaxation and decrease levels of stress and tension.