The Graphic Novel and Comix Certificate Program (Full Time) encompasses traditional media and applications with courses in graphite, inks, watercolour, and non-traditional mediums. Students will be given extensive training in up-to-the-minute digital applications with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign as well as advanced digital illustration courses using Clip Studio Paint Pro software. There will also be emphasis on business and professional practices for the graphic novelist with courses aimed at Self Publishing and Promotion. Courses in Writing and Drawing for Graphic Novels & Comix will have equal balance and the rich history and tradition of graphic novels and comics will be discussed at length in many of the courses.

Required Courses and Curriculum Structure

Term I

Introduction to Graphic Novels & Comics (61 hours)

Life Drawing for Comics (60 hours)

Drawing for Character Development (61 hours)

Introduction to Comic Book Writing (61 hours)

Adobe Illustrator Level I (36 hours)

Adobe Illustrator Intensive (24 hours)

Term II

Layout for Comics (60 hours)

Advanced Drawing for Comics: World Building & Backgrounds (64 hours)

Advanced Comic Storytelling (64 hours)

Colour Theory for Comics (56 hours)

Adobe Photoshop for Illustration (36 hours)

Photoshop for Comics Intensive (24 hours)

Term III

Advanced Digital Illustration for Comics (60 hours)

History of Comics (60 hours)

Portfolio Workshop Lab I (60 hours)

Final Art for Comics Lab II (60 hours)

Publishing and Promotion: The Business of Comics (60 hours)

The Graphic Novel and Comix Part Time Program is being discontinued starting in September, 2019 as we are transitioning to a full time program that begins on September 3. The full time program consisting of 17 courses up from the 12 courses which made up the part time program. Those students that are at some point in the part time program will get the opportunity to complete their requsite 12 courses to recieve their certificates over the next three terms. For information on courses that part time students need for completion of their certificates please get in touch with Jeff Burgess at

If you are interested in the full time program please click on the full time tab below to see courses and information on registration, application, and tuition.