Digital Music Production

The Digital Music Production program is an intensive, one-year full-time certificate program designed for the modern independent music producer and composter to work in recordings, film, TV, gaming, advertising, and multimedia. 

With their own mobile production studio and industry-standard music production software, students will develop a wide range of skills and gain hands-on experience in a home studio as well as professional recording studio environment. 

Beginning in September of each year, classes run 5 nights a week from 6:00pm-10:00pm, Monday to Friday for three 14-week terms, with a short break in between each term. There are two groups of 16 students maximum for each cohort. All of our instructors are qualified college-level educators and professionals working in their various fields of expertise. Classes are primarily held at 601 West Broadway (at Ash St) in Vancouver. Additional classes are held at local professional recording studios. 

The Digital Music Production Program trains producers on a number of levels, from individuals who will be wriring recording, and producing their own work, to individuals who will be recording and producing other artists' works, to composers who will be writing, recording, and producting work for commercial purposes (such as scores for film, TV, and games).

The recording industry has changed significantly with the ongoing development of recording and producting software like Cubase that allow producers to work independently outside of the studio environment. Often you will find producers only using commercial studies to finalize their mix. The other instruments, vocals, effects and mixing will be taken care of outside of the commercial studio, saving significant money for the recording artist.