Application Process

Application Process

Professional Dog Walker:

View this link for admission requirements

Animal Control Program: 

**The next program is scheduled for Spring 2022. If you wish to be considered for an upcoming program, please email your intent to **

  1. 19 years of age or older;
  2. fluency in written and spoken English1,
  3. and qualified via one of two enrolment options:

OPTION ONE: Current Enforcement officer (see details below)

OPTION TWO: Non-enforcement officer (see requirements below)

Required Prerequisites for Entry for current enforcement officers.

  • 19 years of age or older;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English1, and
  • Current or past employment (6 months recent^ experience minimum) as an Animal Control Officer, Bylaw Officer, or equivalent law or enforcement official and
  • Employer authorization on enrolment form, or letter from previous employer stating relevant experience 


2022 Application to be updated in September 2021 - DO NOT SUBMIT A 2021 APPLICATION FORM.

Complete and submit ACBT Enrolment Request Form A (Current Officer) - 

Payment options on this form include:

  1. Employer invoice: payment will be accepted via cheque, money order, or visa upon receipt of invoice.
  2. Personal payment: If you qualify as 'current enforcement' and are personally paying your enrolment and application fee please use this form, and select the personal payment option. You will be contacted regarding payment process of your program fees. The $40 application fee is to be paid via the fee portal:  
    • Visit, and select Domestic Applications. You DO NOT need to submit the Domestic Application Form specified at this link, instead please upload the completed Enrolment A application form.
    • Then select Add to Cart for payment instructions. This will process your $40 application fee.
    • Wait 24 hours to ensure this has been entered, then call 604-323-5322 to pay your program fees. Please advise the registration office that you have applied as an Enforcement Officer for the Animal Control Certificate Program and that you are calling to pay your program fees. 

^ experience within the last calendar year

[1] Grade 12 English or equivalent language skills (ie.LET with a minimum level 3; LPI with a minimum 26 on the essay and 5 in English usage, 5 in sentence structure, or 10 in reading comprehension or equivalent; Duolingo with 105 minimum)

Entry for non-enforcement officers

If you are wishing to enter the field of Animal Control or Bylaws, and wish to take this certificate program, please note that currently only 3 spaces are allocated each intake to non-enforcement officers. There is a screening process for entry, and successful applicants who meet all requirements will be entered into a draw for these seats with notification being sent of status no later than one month prior to program start date.



2022 Application to be updated in September 2021 - DO NOT SUBMIT THE 2021 APPLICATION FORM.


  1. Review the Required Prerequisites for Entry below for non-enforcement officers.
  2. Complete and submit your application form for domestic or international students along with the required $40 application fee. Full directions for submission can be found here Please also upload your completed Non-officer Enrolment Form B. This form may be submitted prior to having completed all the prerequisites, however all supporting documents will need to be received no later than the application cut-off to be considered as a possible candidate.

  • NOTE: Successful candidates will be notified via email within a week after the application deadline. Program payment fees are due no later than 5 working days after notification of successful entry.


  • 19 years of age or older; fluency in written and spoken English1, and
  • The Langara one-day course "Introduction to Animal Control", and
  • A minimum of 2 documented Animal Control officer and/or a SPCA Officer ride-alongs (shadowing) within the last 6 months (or equivalent experience - see* below); and
  • Reference letter and a short personal summary of your reasons for enroling in this porgram, and
  • Successful completion of JIBC Bylaw Level 1 (or equivalent).

[1] Grade 12 English or equivalent language skills ie.LET with a minimum level 3; LPI with a minimum 26 on the essay and 5 in English usage, 5 in sentence structure, or 10 in reading comprehension or equivalent; Duolingo with 105 minimum

 * During COVID the alternate option for ride alongs are documented informational interviews with two working Animal Control Officers. Please download this document for details.