Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

We've designed our program to prepare you for the working in the animation industry and over the six consecutive terms, allow you every opportunity to reach your full potential. Included in your program tuition and fees are access to a high-tech lab and a range of benefits through the Langara Student Union.

At the start of the program, you will receive an animation kit, designed by us, with all of the drawing materials you will need to be as creative as you can imagine. Basically, we give you everything you will need to complete your studies and produce an amazing portfolio. 


Program Fees

Domestic Tuition

Per Semester, including Tuition and Materials Fees*
$8,840 CAD for Semester 1 (Tuition + Materials)
$7,840 CAD for Semester 2 (Tuition + Materials)
$7,840 CAD for Semester 3 (Tuition + Materials)
$7,840 CAD for Semester 4 (Tuition + Materials)
$7,840 CAD for Semester 5 (Tuition + Materials)
$7,840 CAD for Semester 6 (Tuition + Materials)

International Tuition 

Per Semester, including Tuition and Materials Fees*
$9,600 CAD for Semester 1 (Tuition + Materials)
$8,600 CAD for Semester 2 (Tuition + Materials)
$8,600CAD for Semester 3 (Tuition + Materials)
$8,600CAD for Semester 4 (Tuition + Materials)
$8,600CAD for Semester 5 (Tuition + Materials)
$8,600CAD for Semester 6 (Tuition + Materials)
International Education Development Fund: $35 per term

*This program is also part of the Langara Students Union, which provides benefits to students including an Extended Health Coverage Insurance Plan as well as a Translink public transit U-Pass. Fees are set each term. 

Do you have concerns about funding your education? Find resources at our financial aid office.


International Students

Upon admission to the program, International students will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit equivalent to the tuition fees for the first term of study in order to receive a Letter of Acceptance.

As an International Student, you must have comprehensive health and accident insurance to provide coverage for treatment of illness or injury during your stay in British Columbia. Please visit the Langara Global website for more information.