The program is full-time, over 24 months. There are 43 required courses, which include technical training, portfolio development, professional mentorship, and guided industry relations events, to prepare students to successfully enter the workforce.


This term begins with the most basic foundational skills to begin your journey into gaining the skills to enter the 3D Animation and Digital Art industry. You will learn all the business skills you will need to develop as a professional animator, and dive into the fundamentals of character animation and life drawing. Further, you will develop your skills in digital painting and 3D modeling and animation.

  • 3D Animation and Modelling - Level 1
  • Digital Paint
  • Business Technology/Basic Digital Skills for Animation
  • Life Drawing - Level 1
  • Drawing for Animation Workshop
  • Foundation of Art and Design
  • Production Techniques
  • Professional Development - Level 1


During the second term, you explore more of the fundamentals of modeling and animation. We pair this learning with an exploration into the structure of animation and game production. Learn how to structure a story, develop character designs, and model assets necessary to contributing to animation and game productions. 

  • 3D Animation and Modelling - Level 2
  • 3D Animation and Modelling - Level 3
  • Introduction to Classical Animation - Level 1
  • Introduction to Digital Sculpting
  • Previsualization
  • Storyboarding
  • Character Design - Level 1


This term focuses on further developing your modeling and animation skills. This is supported by an introduction to texturing, lighting, and compositing techniques necessary to develop and highlight your work effectively. 

  • Introduction to Classical Animation - Level 2
  • Life Drawing - Level 2
  • 3D Animation - Level 1
  • 3D Modelling - Level 1
  • Employability Skills - Level 1 (Z-Brush)
  • Advanced Lighting, Texturing and Compositing - Level 1
  • Character Design - Level 2
  • Professional Development - Level 2


In this term, you will explore advanced animation, modeling, texturing, and lighting techniques. You will hone your skills in each of these fields of study, while you explore the differences between the requirements for Film, Television and Video Games.

  • 3D Animation - Level 2
  • 3D Modelling - Level 2
  • 3D Animation - Level 3
  • 3D Modelling - Level 3
  • Advanced Lighting, Texturing and Compositing - Level 2
  • Game Design Production


As you’re nearing the last stretch, you will fine-tune your knowledge of the individual fields of study. Our instructors, all working industry professionals, will continue to guide your development. You will also begin to use your gained skills to work on your graduation reel.

  • Employability Skills - Level 2 (Mari)
  • Job and Career Development
  • Life Drawing for Animation - Level 3
  • 3D Animation - Level 4
  • 3D Modelling - Level 4
  • Employability Skills - Level 3 (Unreal)
  • Advanced Light, Texturing & Compositing - Level 3
  • Professional Development - Level 3


In your last term, you will continue to develop your skills. You will work to complete your demo reel with oversight and feedback from instructors and industry to ensure your work is the best it can be!  

  • 3D Animation - Level 5
  • 3D Modelling - Level 5
  • Life Drawing for Animation - Level 4
  • Portfolio Production Workshop
  • Professional Development - Level 4