The program is full-time, over 16 months. There are 25 required courses, which include technical training, portfolio development, professional mentorship, and guided industry relations events, to prepare students to successfully enter the workforce.


This term begins with the most basic foundational skills to begin your journey into gaining the skills to enter the 2D animation and digital art industry. Learn all of the business skills you will need to develop as a professional animator, and dive in to the fundamentals of character animation and life drawing.

  • Basic Digital Skills for Animation
  • Business Technology
  • Character Animation - Level 1
  • Introduction to Animation Industry
  • Digital Paint
  • Life Drawing for Animation – Level 1
  • Professional Development – Level 1


This term has you diving deeper into animation. You will be bringing your skills to the next level. Your characters will all begin to come to life with your new skills as you hone your skills in creating compelling characters. You will also continue to focus on your professional development and goals with a mentor.

  • Character Animation – Level 2
  • Drawing for Animation Workshop
  • Layout and Production
  • Life Drawing for Animation – Level 2
  • Professional Development – Level 2
  • Character Design 


In this term you will get very familiar with the animation pipeline. You begin with understanding the production elements and stages, storyboarding techniques–including how to deepen your narrative skills. You will also dive into Harmony software, learning about timing, lines of action, expression, weight, acting to dialogue and walk cycles. You will also begin your first steps towards your final project for this term and you will continue with your mentorship to help begin to focus on the direction of your portfolio, and preparing to get hired.

  • Storyboarding
  • Life Drawing for Animation – Level 3
  • Professional Development – Level 3
  • Drawing for Animation
  • Digital Character Animation – Level 1
  • Final Project Workshop – Level 1


You're not done yet! You will keep deepening your skills. Your final project in this term will really show your skills. You will design another full project, from developing your idea, to storyboarding that idea, to making the animation. You will also be assembling and working on your professioanl portfolio, while continuing to hone your drawing skills and work with your professional mentor. 

  • Life Drawing for Animation – Level 4
  • Portfolio Production Workshop
  • Animation Production and Sound
  • Digital Character Animation – Level 2
  • Final Project Workshop –Level 2
  • Professional Development – Level 4