price match

Langara will price match to give you the best price now! 

The following conditions must be met for your textbook to be eligible for price matching:

  • The textbook must be exactly the same on as it is from the Bookstore.  The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) will be checked to confirm it is the same product.  The ISBN identifies a specific book title or package.
  • Only NEW textbooks can be price matched.
  • The textbook must be in-stock (i.e. can ship immediately) and sold and shipped by  The Bookstore does not match third-party or affiliate sellers, or any preferred customer pricing such as Amazon Prime on
  • The price cannot be lower than our cost.  We cannot price match lower than our cost.

See the full Terms and Conditions below.

To price match:

  • Take your textbook to the cashier and let them know that you would like to price match to  We will match prices as verified on their website.
  • To price match a textbook you've already purchased, we will give you a price adjustment within 2 days of your purchase if you bring in your book, original receipt, and verification of lower price.  This must be done before the last day to return/exchange.
    • Verification of the lower price should be either a printout of the site showing the ISBN details and the printed date (which must be dated within 2 days of the purchase date) or, a live webpage on a mobile device or computer.

Check that your textbook is eligible for price matching before you approach the cashier.  Simply search using the 10 or 13-digit ISBN from the back of your textbook on and make sure it's in-stock, sold & shipped by Amazon, and the Amazon price is lower than our retail price.  All efforts will be made to verify the alternate selling price as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Applies to new books only.
  • Applies only to prices of textbooks.
  • Applies to purchases made in-store only.
  • The maximum Price Match value will be to our cost for the book.  Langara Bookstore reserves the right not to price match below cost.  
  • Price Matching is currently for Canadian site only. Price matching offer excludes any Amazon preferred customer pricing such as Amazon Prime, and excludes third-party sellers, affiliates of, peer-to-peer marketplace and/or auction sites such as, but not limited to, Amazon Marketplace, eBay,, craigslist, etc.
  • Textbooks must be in-stock and sold & shipped by  Textbooks that cannot be shipped immediately do not qualify.
  • Applicable sales tax will be additional when calculating total cost.
  • Customer has two (2) days from date of purchase on the receipt to apply for the price matching. This must be done before the last day to return/exchange for the term. 
  • Limit one price match per customer per textbook with the same ISBN.
  • Applies to required textbooks only.
  • Applies to same ISBN, author, title, and edition only.
  • Excludes rented textbooks, USED textbooks, international editions, instructor copies and digital versions, and courseware (i.e. class or lecture notes).

Langara Bookstore reserves the right to change the details of this offer at any time.

Last updated May 2018