Langara Bookstore provides digital course materials (eTexts and access codes) from various distributors.  See below for information about each distributor and accessing your materials.


General Digital Course Materials FAQ

Digital course materials come in the form of access codes, eTexts, homework platforms, and other digital assets.  They are generally licensed (i.e. you can access it for a certain period of time). An access code is a password used to access to a publisher's online learning/homework system (e.g. MyLab, Connect, Launchpad, MindTap, etc) and may or may not include access to an eText. An eText, or eBook, is a digital (electronic) textbook.  Depending on the distributor, it may be viewable via a web browser or a specific app.  This section provices a general overview on digital course materials.

The best place to check for the correct material for your course is through the Find My Textbooks Tool

The Find My Textbooks Tool is a personalized booklist for the courses that you're registered in.  To access your booklist, login to the Student Information System, click Registration > Semester Course Schedule, and look for the orange Find My Textbooks Tool link.  Read through your options carefully.  Many eTexts and access codes will have a link under the listing that will lead you to a purchase website.

You will need an internet connection and a computer or electronic device that meets the system and browser requirements of the access code or eText. 

Access codes and eTexts are generally final sale products.  Please make sure you are confident about your purchase.  See below for more information on the policies of specific distributors.

If the publisher has enabled the 'Read out loud' feature, the eText can be read out loud by your computer. Please contact Langara Accessibility Services for more information regarding the resources available for students with disabilities.

Each code is different and restrictions are put in place by publishers. They are usually detailed in the title of the product. Generally, your access will last a minimum of 6 months, but can be 1 year or 2 years depending on the product.

Restrictions on printing and copying text are set by publishers.  In most cases, limited printing and copying is allowed.

Some eTexts allow for offline reading or downloading of a specified number of chapters. This will depend on the publisher and/or distributor. See the FAQs below for more information.

Digital materials are licensed to one individual and access codes are one-time use only.  They cannot be shared among multiple individuals and are more often than not, linked to your name or student #.

Campus eBookstore Inc (CEI) Products

Campus eBookstore Inc (CEI) is a digital course materials distributor.  They provide eTexts and access codes from various publishers.

CEI products can be purchased instantly online from the link provided on your booklist.  These links are located at the bottom of each listing.  Alternatively, you can also purchase in-store from a cashier.

Online CEI purchases accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, and Mastercard Debit.  Langara Bookstore giftcards are not valid for online CEI purchases because these transactions are processed direct by Campus eBookstore, not Langara Bookstore.

In-store CEI purchases accept payments by cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard, Langara Bookstore giftcard, cheque, or if you are a sponsored student, we can charge your account.

Follow the instructions given below your redemption code and visit:  Enter your email address, read the terms, check ‘I Agree’ and ‘Redeem Product’.   Make sure that you’ve typed your email address correctly.  Your access code or eText instructions will be emailed to you.

Redemption codes are not access codes.  Follow the instructions found underneath your redemption code. CEI redemption codes purchased in-store must first be redeemed on our redemption website.  Your access code or eText instructions will then be emailed to you.

When you purchase online or first redeem an in-store redemption code, you are asked to enter an email address and password.  This is for your Campus eBookstore account.  If ever you need to access your codes or eBook links, login to your Campus eBookstore account and click ‘My EBooks’ or ‘My Access Codes’ on the left-hand side to view the purchases attached to your account.

You can still access your purchases by logging into Campus eBookstore with the incorrect email address; however, it is recommended that you request a correction to your account.  To do this, contact and include both the incorrect and your correct email addresses.

Check if the transaction on your card is pending/authorized or if it has been posted. If the transaction is not posted, it means that the funds have not been charged to your account.

If it is still pending/authorized, wait a few business days to see if it disappears or if it posts. 

If the transaction has posted, please contact with a screenshot of your posted transaction and provide the date/approval code (if it is not visible in your screenshot).

Detailed instructions on how to access your materials purchase through Campus eBookstore can be found on BibliU's support website.  Sometimes it helps to log out of BibliU, clear your browser cache files and cookies, and log back in.  If you are still experiencing errors or difficulties, contact for assistance.

See BibliU’s support article on using your eBook in BibliU.  Find out how to navigate your library, eBook, and how to download your eBook for offline reading.

If you have successfully redeemed your code on the publisher's website, but are having issues using the platform (MyLab, Connect, MindTap, Launchpad, Achieve, etc), please contact the help desk of the publisher of your material:

Brightspace Integrated Course Materials

"Brightspace integrated" course materials means that access to your eText or homework system platform has been built-in to Brightspace. Students receive two weeks free access on the first day of the semester. The materials can only be accessed through Brightspace. Students should not go to the publisher's website. Students must have their purchase information (Web Order or Receipt #) to gain full access to the material.

Brightspace is the Learning Management System (LMS) that helps facilitate teaching and learning at Langara College.  For more information on how to use Brightspace, visit:

If a course material includes “Brightspace” in the title, this means that the material has been built-in to your Brightspace course.  The course material might be an eText or may include access to an online homework system such as MyLab, Connect, Launchpad, MindTap, etc.  A Brightspace integrated course eliminates the use of traditional access codes.  You will not need to login into a publisher’s website or create an account; you will only need to login to Brightspace to access your materials.

  1. Login to Brightspace and click your course.

    Go to Course Materials (top banner) > Content and click the link on the left-hand side to the digital materials you need to access (Connect, eText, Launchpad, MindTap, etc)

  2. You will end up on a page with three boxes where you have the option to:

    1. Access your Free trial (two weeks starting on the first day of the semester).
    2. Purchase your materials (you will directed to the Langara Bookstore online store).
    3. Verify your purchase (if you have already purchased)

No, you do not need to buy both. Please only choose one of the options.

Selecting “Within BC UPS” as your shipping method for a digital textbook will signal our system to remove the shipping cost.  If this is the only item on your order, you will see that by selecting “Within BC UPS”, the shipping cost is $0.00.  If you are ordering other items for pick-up or delivery, the appropriate shipping charges will apply.

You verify your purchase in Brightspace by clicking the “Verify” box found on the page with free-purchase-verify boxes. 

  1. Login to Brightspace and click your course.
  2. Go to Course Materials > Content and click the link on the left-hand side to the digital materials you need to access (Achieve, Connect, eText, MindTap, etc).
  3. You will end up on a page with three boxes where you have the option to:
    1. Access your Free trial
    2. Purchase your materials
    3. Verify your purchase.
  4. Click 'Verify' and enter your purchase information:
    1. Online web order number (e.g. WOXXXXXX) and email address attached to your order OR
    2. In-store receipt number exactly as shown on your receipt (e.g. RC-XXXXXX, RC-XXXXXXXX-X) and your email address.

Note: if you have accessed your free trial within the last 24 hours, you will not see the page with the three boxes until 24 hours have passed since you initially clicked it.  Continue to use your materials until you see that page again, then continue with Step 4.

Check that you have entered all numbers and letters correctly.  Note: your order must be processed before you can verify.  If you have only received an order confirmation email, please wait until you receive a second email stating that your order has been processed before attempting to verify.

Still doesn’t work?  Send a screenshot of the error you are receiving to  Include:

  • Your course information (e.g. MARK 1115 W02)
  • A photo of your receipt.

Do not contact the publisher's support team. Because this is a Brightspace integrated product, they will not be able to assist with verifying your purchase.

No worries! If you’ve purchased online by clicking the link from Brightspace to MyCampusStore, your access is automatically verified.

Purchases made from Langara Bookstore link to Brightspace and your access is verified through your Langara Bookstore receipt number.  Our copies do not include or require you to enter a traditional access code, or login to the publisher’s website.  Used copies and copies purchase elsewhere cannot be verified in Brightspace.

For purchasing issues, please contact Langara Bookstore, and let us know what product you are purchasing and include a detailed description of the issue you are having. Screenshots are helpful!

For verification issues, please double check that you have entered the receipt number and your email address correctly (WO0XXXXX or RC-XXXXX).  If it still does not work, send a screenshot of the error you're receiving to  Include:

  • Your course information (e.g. MARK 1115 W02)
  • A photo of your receipt.

Do not contact the publisher's support team. Because this is a Brightspace integrated product, they will not be able to assist with verifying your purchase.

For platform-specific issues (problems with the eReader or issues with using the platform - e.g. locating materials or accessing quizzes on MindTap, Launchpad, Connect, etc), please contact for assistance.  Include:

  • Your course information (e.g. MARK 1115 W02)
  • A detailed description and/or screenshots of the issue you are experiencing.

Yes, eTexts on the Willo Reader can be downloaded for offline reading!  Please follow the instructions for the Willo Reader Android or iOS app.  Contact if you have questions.

VitalSource eTexts

VitalSource is a third-party eText distributor. They carry products from various publishers.

Click the link provided on your textbook list to be directly linked to the correct product on VitalSource.  You can search for other materials on VitalSource, but be sure you are purchasing the correct product. Note: VitalSource purchases are not processed by Langara Bookstore.

VitalSource provides ePub or PDF format for their eTexts.  Read the product page carefully to determine which format is being provided for your particular eText.

All eTexts are viewable through the VitalSource Bookshelf.  See here for VitalSource Bookshelf FAQs.

Different publishers have different return policies on VitalSource. Refer to VitalSource for their refund policies. Note: Langara Bookstore does not process these transactions.