This directory is provided as a service to Langara College faculty to facilitate contact with publishers and their area representatives.  This is a selected list and does not include many of the smaller publishers (some of whom are distributed by the major publishers listed below).  If you cannot find a reference for a specific publisher, please contact the bookstore buying office at 604.323-5401. 

Selected Publishers and Their Representatives:


Broadview Press
Company Phone:  1.705.743.8990
Ordering Notes:  Desk and Exam copies can be ordered Online   


Company Phone:  1.800.431.1580
Sales Rep: Ted Gerney Email
Sales Rep Phone:  1.866.257.3385 ext. 2  
Ordering Notes:  Please notify the sales rep of the course numbers and estimated enrollments of the courses being requested for.


Sales Rep: Nikki Turner

Sales Rep Phone: 416.516.0911 x 225
Sales Rep Email:

Canadian Nurses Association

Company Phone:  1.800.361.8404
Ordering Notes:  Please note the Canadian Nurses Association does not distribute desk or exam copies. 


Canadian Scholars Press

Company Phone: 416.929.2774

Sales Rep: Nicola Smith

Sales Rep Phone: 416.929.2774 ext. 242

Ordering Notes:  Desk and Exam copies can be ordered

Company Phone:  1.416.736.5537
Sales Rep: Nici Chirita Email
Ordering Notes:  Desk and Exam copies can be ordered online  


Company Phone:  1.416.609.3800
Sales Rep: Karyn Ironside Email
Sales Rep Phone: 1.403.710.2305
Ordering Notes:  Desk and Exam copies can be ordered online
Company Phone:  1.416.224.2248
Ordering Notes:  Please email with College letterhead. 


CCI Learning Solutions
Company Phone: 604.455.0070
Sales Rep: Bassan Abun-anadi
Sales Rep Phone: 604.424.8214
Company Phone:  1.800.223.3130
Ordering Notes:  Must order via fax at:  1.516.742.5049 
Ordering Notes:  Desk and exam copies must be ordered on Langara letterhead via fax at:  1.919.688.4391 
Company Phone:  1.800.328.1452
Sales Rep: Geoff Williams Email
Sales Rep Phone: 604.266.2261
Sales Rep: Shellie Lim
Sales Rep Phone: 604.505.7078
Company Phone:  1.800.263.3678
Sales Rep: Katie Land Email


F.A. Davis
Company Phone:  1.800.235.7538 ext. 1
Sales Rep: Cindy Damm Email
Sales Rep Phone:  1.800.235.7538 ext 7715
Ordering Notes:  Order desk and exam copies through the main customer service phone line  


Fairchild Books
Company Phone: 800.932.4724
Sales Rep: Colin Kinnaly Email
Sale Rep Phone: 212.630.3886


Ordering Notes:  Fax desk and exam copies requests to 1.800.450.0391 


Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Company Phone:  1.800.387.9776
Ordering Notes:  Please email desk and exam copy requests.


Harper Collins
Company Phone:  1.844.327.5757
Ordering Notes:  Desk and Exam copy requests must be through this webpage:
Requests must be made through official school email accounts and Instructors must provide class number and expected enrolments.   


Human Kinetics
Company Phone:  1.800.465.7301
Sales Rep:  Anna Marano Email 
Ordering Notes:  Please notify the sales rep of the course numbers and estimated enrollments of the courses being requested for. 


John Wiley
Company Phone:  1.800.567.4797
Sales Rep: Molly Firlotte Email
Sales Rep Phone: 778.808.9518
Ordering Notes:  Desk and exam copy requests should go through the sale rep. 


Jones & Bartlett

See Nelson Publishing 

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Sales Rep:   Kimberly Parker Email
Sales Rep Phone:  (410) 528-4091
Company Phone:  1.800.665.1148
Sales Rep: Barry White
Sales Rep Phone: 778.288.5973
Company Phone:  1.800.565.5758
Sales Rep: Claire Morrison
Ordering Notes:  Desk and exam copies can be ordered from the sales rep or here
Company Phone:  1.800.348.377Sales
Company Phone:  1.888.330.8477
Sales Rep: Katy Turenne
Phone: 604.880.5498
Publishers Represented:
  • Bedford
  • St.Martin's
  • Freeman and Worth
Ordering Notes:  For desk and exam copies call:  1.800.446.8923


Nelson Education
Customer Support:  1.800.268.2222 

  • TBA
    • Hard Sciences, Math, and Trades
    • Economics and quantitative business courses 
  • Linh Tran:
    • ECE, ESL, Education, Engineering, philosophy, art, music, religion

Open Education Resources

  • Julian Prior, Ed Tech Advisor

Oxford University Press - Canada

Company Phone:  1.800.387.8020

ESL and Modern Languages Sales Representative: Hayley Dalgleish


Sales and Editorial Representative:Chhaya Jagpal

Sales Rep Email:

Ordering Notes:  Desk and exam copies should be ordered through the website 



Company Phone:  1.800.567.3800
    • Ewan French: 604.562.4768 Email
      • Sciences, Business, Economics, Office Applications, Psychology, Sociology, Nursing, Math, Geography, Social Work, Modern Languages
    • Joshua Phillips: Email
      • English, History, Communication, Anthropology, Computer Science, Political Science, Art, Bus Comm, Education, and Music
Publishers Represented:
  • Addison-Wesley
  • Allyn & Bacon
  • Benjamin Cummings
  • Cisco Press
  • Longman
  • Prentice Hall
  • SAMS Publishing

Penguin Random House 

Company Phone:  1.888.523.9292
Publishers Represented:
  • Alfred A. Knopf
  • Anchor Books
  • Bantam Books
  • DC Comics
  • Del Rey
  • Doubleday
  • Everyman's Library
  • Faber and Faber
  • Pantheon Books
  • Powerhouse Books
  • Viking
  • Vintage
Ordering Notes: Please email for desk and exam copies.


Company Phone:  1.800.343.4499
Ordering Notes:  For desk and exam copies email or fax requests to:  1.800.351.5073
Company Phone:  1.800.663.5714
Publishers Represented:
  • Drawn & Quarterly
  • Farrar, Straus and Giroux
  • Henry Holt and Company
  • Picador
  • Tor / Forge
Ordering Notes:  Desk and exam copy requests should be faxed to:  1.800.565.3770


Scholastic Books
Company Phone:  1.800.268.3848
Sales Rep: Susan Travis Email 
Sales Rep Phone: 604.513.9151


Thomas Allen & Sons
Company Phone:  1.800.387.4333


University of Toronto Press
Company Phone:  1.800.565.9523
Publishers Represented
  • Continuum
  • Goose Lane Editions
  • Playwrights Canada
  • UBC Press
    • Fax request on office department letterhead to 604.822.6083
  • University of Georgia Press
  • University of Manitoba Press
  • University of Nebraska Press
  • University of Texas Press
  • Wilfred Laurier Press


W.W. Norton

WW Norton titles are distributed in Canada through Nelson.

Sales Rep:  Margaret Bru  Email
Sales Rep phone:  778.874.7361

To report incorrect information, or to have information added please contact Brendan Hunter

Last Updated August 2019