Adoption Procedures 

Course Materials adoptions must be submitted through the Bookstore Buying Office. Please see our Adoption Procedures Page for more information. 

Custom Course Packs

Please note: There have been changes in the requisition process for Custom Course Packs. Please visit the Custom Course Packs page to see the changes. Visit our Custom Course Packs page for an explanation of the new process.  

Exam Copies / Desk Copies

An Exam Copy of a title is a book sent to a faculty member for consideration toward purchase or course adoption. It is often accompanied by or followed by an invoice seeking either payment or return of the book within a specific period of time.

A Desk Copy is a book furnished free for a faculty member’s use when copies of the book have been ordered for a specific course. 

Faculty should contact Publishers directly to request Exam and Desk copies.  Please visit our Desk Copy and Exam Copy page for resources on how to order from major publishers. 

Open Educational Resources

The bookstore is pleased to support the use of Open Educational Resources on Campus. Please speak to the Course Materials Buyers about how these can be used in your classroom. 

The Langara Library is also well equipped to help you find out more in this areas.

Please visit:

Or speak with 

  • Julian Prior, Ed Tech Advisor

Information about Your Course Materials for Students

Together, we are integral partners in the educational delivery process.  Bookstore dollars go back into the College to fund programs, classes and student services.  Find out more information about Bookstore services you can communicate to your students on our Student Tips page

Buying Office Contact Information

Supervisor, Course Materials
Emily Der

Buyer, Course Materials
Lisa Vongsana

Last Updated November 2022