Thinking of integrating your digital courseware or textbook?

What is integration?

  • Integration means directly embedding a textbook and its ancillary materials into your Brightspace course. your course materials remain unchanged.

Why use integration?

  • Integration provides an easier, more seamless way for your students to use digital materials. There are fewer pages to navigate through fewer mouse clicks and fewer passwords to manage.
  • Integrated textbooks are not subject to taxation, so students see an immediate savings.
  • Integration ensures that BC privacy requirements are met, with data stored on Canadian servers.
  • Integration creates a direct link to the Langara Bookstore's system for student purchases.

How does integration work in the classroom?

  • Students log into your Brightspace course where they get up to two weeks free trial access to their publisher's course materials.
  • After the free trial expires, the student is prompted to purchase their materials.
  • When the student purchases courseware or textbooks, they are taken to the Langara Bookstore's e-commerce site, where they can complete their transaction and easily return to their coursework. When physical bundles are available, students can also choose to purchase a physical book with an access code from the Bookstore. 
  • The only thing students need to continue with their work is their order number from the Langara Bookstore. 

Things you should know. 

  • Every publisher uses integration slightly differently.
  • The program is constantly growing and evolving to better serve faculty and students.
  • The terminology can be confusing - always double-check.
Still interested? 

Talk to the Bookstore, EdTech, and/or your publishing sales rep if you have questions or want to embark on this exciting new journey.


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Last Updated June 2021