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Buyback is suspended until further notice.

Buyback generally runs every August/September, December/January, and May.  Please check back for exact dates and times.

Sell your textbook to the Bookstore and get up to 50% cash back on selected titles. Books are bought on a first-come, first-served basis so please come early to have your book assessed by our sellback buyer. Our sellback buyer is a third party used book company that will be on location to purchase books for Langara bookstore, as well as books for campuses nationwide. 

  • Please bring your Langara ID.
  • Books that are damaged or have excessive highlighting or writing in them may not be purchased.
Buyback Schedule


Suspended until further notice.

Last updated February 2022

Buyback FAQ 

Simply bring your textbooks to the buyback desk during the scheduled period and if your book is eligible, you will be offered cash for your book.

Whether we buy back your book is based on a number of factors so it is important to note that there is no guarantee that we will buy back your book.

We don't produce a list because our buyback is run by a third party used book wholesaler company.  This company could produce a list of over 60,000 books and the list can be constantly changing.

No, not all books are eligible for buyback.  We only buy titles that are being used for the upcoming semester and that meet certain requirements. Books are either bought for Langara Bookstore or for the wholesale used book company.

There are a number of reasons why we might not buy back your book.  The reason could be:

  • We have met our quota for the title.
  • It is not being used for the upcoming semester.
  • It is a loose-leaf (binder ready) format.
  • It is a coursepack.
  • It is a digital material (eText or access code).
  • The book has a required access code component.
  • There is water damage, spine damage, etc.
  • There is excessive wear and tear, excessive highlighting or notes.
  • The book is an old edition.

For books that are being bought for Langara Bookstore, 50% of the current new retail price will be offered.  If the book is being bought for the wholesale company, they will offer a wholesale price, which is determined by supply and demand.  Some books may have no resale value because they are old editions or no longer being used at Langara or other campuses.

Langara College Bookstore is partnered with Textbooks for Change.  A drop box is located outside the Langara Bookstore doors and is accessible 24/7.

"Textbooks for Change provides affordable and accessible educational material to students both locally and across the globe. We believe that post-secondary students should be able to learn from high-quality material, regardless of their geographic or economic status. Whether it’s donating educational material to campus libraries in Kenya or selling an affordable used textbook to a student in Canada, our goal is to improve the educational landscape around the world. We work collaboratively with campus and community partners to create this impact, book by book."