The Langara reputation for excellence in the post-secondary system has been earned as a result of the high level of success our students achieve when they leave to pursue a university degree or embark on their chosen career. More students transfer to BC universities from Langara than from any other college in the province. More importantly, these students do as well as or better than students that go to university straight from high school.

Please check the British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer website for specific transfer details at

Transfer guides and course planning sessions, designed to assist students with course selection in university-transfer programs, are available from the Counselling Department. Students transferring between institutions in British Columbia, may refer to the BC Transfer Guide.

Transfer To Langara College

Upon request, 60% of Langara certificate, diploma, associate degree, and bachelor degree program requirements may be transferred from another recognized post-secondary institution. These credits must have been completed within the first 60% of the program. Transfer credit is not included in the calculation of GPA.

To request transfer credit, students must submit a Transfer Credit Request form (also available from Registrar & Enrolment Services), an official transcript from the transferring institution, course outlines for courses completed outside BC, and the appropriate fees. Transcripts must be submitted in the original, sealed envelope from the issuing institution. Langara College may evaluate courses, appraise letter grades, and compute grade point averages in accordance with Langara’s policies, procedures and regulations. The deadline for transfer credit required to meet prerequisite requirements is ten weeks before the semester begins; the deadline for transfer credit required to meet graduation requirements is January 3rd. Students who need the credit only to meet prerequisite requirements may go to the appropriate department with an official transcript for a prerequisite override. Students with an acceptable post-secondary English or Communications course may apply at Registrar & Enrolment Services for a Langara English Test (LET) or a Language Proficiency Index (LPI) exemption. Official transcripts are required.

International Baccalaureate/Advanced Placement Courses

Students who have completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or have passed an Advanced Placement (AP) Examination administered by the College Entrance Examination Board may be eligible for college credit. Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide or contact Registrar & Enrolment Services for further information. Students must complete a Transfer Credit Request form and submit an official IB or AP transcript.

Transfer credit is not included in the calculation of the student's Langara GPA.

Transfer To Other Institutions

Students planning to transfer from Langara to another educational institution should consult Registrar & Enrolment Services of that institution to determine the transferability of courses taken at Langara. The institution to which the student's official transcript is sent may evaluate courses, appraise letter grades, and compute grade point averages in accordance with its own policies and regulations. Students may also refer to the BC Transfer Guide. Students planning to transfer should discuss their plans with a Langara counsellor.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

To initiate a prior learning assessment and recognition, students must first consult with the instructor to determine the eligibility of proceeding with an assessment. A signature from the instructor confirming the consultation must be provided and the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Request Form must be submitted with the correct payment.

Document Verification

All documents are routinely verified. Evidence of falsified documents will result in the denial of admission to Langara. Information on falsified documents is shared with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.

Retention of Student Records

Records of academic performance at Langara are retained indefinitely. Materials supporting admission may be destroyed two years after the first registration. Before submitting irreplaceable material to support an application, students are advised to check with Registrar & Enrolment Services.

All admissions materials will be destroyed after one year if the student does not register into courses.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Information received and maintained as part of the student record is collected under the authority of the Colleges and Institutes Act. Signing the application form authorizes Langara to use the student record information for the purpose of research and College operations. Langara gathers and maintains information for the purposes of admission, registration and other fundamental activities related to attending a public post-secondary institution in British Columbia and being a member of the Langara community. This information is protected and used in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

For further information please contact Registrar & Enrolment Services.