Important information:

All sittings of Test 1 will now be administered on campus, IN PERSON. 
Test 2 and the Statistics test will continue to be administered online, through Brightspace.  


Registration for the MDT will close whenever the courses are full or two days before the test dates.  To ensure your seat, please register (and pay) as soon as possible.  Students registered will receive further information by email with instructions one week before the test dates.  Please make sure your email on your Student Account is up to date.


MDT Schedule

Date Day Time Location CRN
March 17, 2023 Friday 1300 hrs

Test 1 ON CAMPUS (ROOM B251)

Test 2/SDT online (Brightspace)

March 31, 2023 Friday 1300 hrs

Test 1 ON CAMPUS (ROOM B251)

Test 2/SDT online (Brightspace)

April 25, 2023 Tuesday 1300 hrs

Test 1 ON CAMPUS (ROOM B153)

Test 2/SDT online (Brightspace)


Please note that the results are valid for three years, and that students are NOT allowed to write the MDT more than ONCE per semester. If you write more than once (in different semesters) then the system will only look at the latest results.


ALSO NOTE:  TEST 1 is now IN PERSON (ON CAMPUS).  We will NOT be offering this test online so students need to make arrangements to be on campus and on time for the test.  Location of Test 1 is listed on the table above.


Test Results

The results of the MDT are normally entered into the web-registration system within 48 - 72 hours. Students must wait for their score to be on the Student Information System (under the Students Prerequisites and Test Scores) before registering.  

The results are entered as a numerical code; each code corresponds to eligibility for a course. The numerical code does NOT equal the percentage grade achieved on the test. The minimum requirements for each course are:

  • MATH 1100 requires MDT 50 (write Test 1)
  • MATH 1101 requires MDT 55 (write Test 1)
  • STAT 1124 & PSYC 2321 & KINS 2206 require MDT 53  (write the STAT Test)
  • MATH 1190 requires MDT 58 (write Test 1)
  • MATH 1118 requires MDT 59 (write Test 1)
  • MATH 1150 requires MDT 60  (write Test 1)
  • MATH 1162 requires MDT 65  (write Test 2)
  • MATH 1152 requires MDT 70 (write Test 2)
  • MATH 1170 requires MDT 75 (write Test 2)
  • MATH 1153 requires MDT 80 (write Test 2)
  • MATH 1174 requires MDT 85 (write Test 2)
  • MATH 1175 requires MDT 85 (write Test 2)
  • MATH 1173 requires MDT 90 (write Test 2)
  • MATH 1171 requires MDT 95 (write Test 2)

Note that if a student writes MATH Test 1, and scores a code "60", then that student will qualify for MATH 1100, MATH 1101, MATH 1190, MATH 1150 and STAT 1124. A student who writes MATH Test 2 and scores code 95 will be eligible to take any of the above courses.  


Your MDT code will allow you to register for any course that requires an MDT code less than or equal to yours.


The MDT is applicable only to Langara College courses and programs. The Langara Math/Stat Department does not recognize diagnostic test results from other institutions.  The MDT is not for credit nor can it be transferred to other institutions.