Students who registered for the MDT (specifically wanting to take Test 2) but are new to Langara must activate their Langara Computer User ID before being able to take the test.

Important: you need to know your computer user ID and password to be able to access the test.

Follow the directions on the link below to activate your CUID:

Computer User ID activation instructions

To log in to the Student Information System you will need your nine-digit Langara ID (Format: 100000000) and your password (PIN). If you don't know what your Langara ID is, contact the Continuing Studies Office at 604.323.5322.Your default password has the following format:



  • 'F' is the first letter of your first name in UPPERCASE
  • 'L' is the first letter of your last name in UPPERCASE
  • YYYY is your Year of Birth
  • MM is your Month of Birth
  • DD is your Date of Birth

Please note that the dash '-' is mandatory. Please change your PIN to a password that only you will know after your first visit to Langara's login page.


Once you have activated your Computer User ID, you should be able to log into Brightspace using your Langara email (e.g. and password.  Although the Math Diagnostic Test is ON CAMPUS/IN PERSON, we will still require Test 2 students to activate their Computer User ID in order to access Brightspace.


The Math Diagnostic Test course page will appear as a course on your Brighspace home page on the morning of the test. Instructions on how to access and write the MDT (specifically Test 2) on Brightspace will be delivered in person by the administrators present.  We will NOT allow students to write Test 2 off campus.  Only those present on campus in the designated rooms will be allowed access to Test 2.