• Students will need to bring one of the following forms of government-issued photo ID as proof of identity

    • a BC driver's license
    • a Photo BC Services card
    • a BC Identification card (BCID)
    • a current passport

    Students who do not present the appropriate form of photo ID will not be permitted to write the exam and will have to register for another sitting. They may not transfer the registration nor is the registration fee refundable.


    The ID presented must be current and in the original form; photocopies or scanned/digital versions are unacceptable

    Students who are unable to provide one of the above forms of ID must contact the LET Coordinator at least 2 days prior to the exam date.

  • Photo ID might be held for the duration of the exam.
  • Students should arrive 30-45 minutes before the start of the exam for registration check.
  • For security reasons, students may take to their desks only the following items: two pens, their wallet, the booklet and instruction sheet given to them before they entered the exam room.
  • All other items, including coats and jackets, should be put at the side or front of the room.
  • Students should turn off all electronic devices, especially cell phones (a cell phone turned to vibrate is also noisy).
  • Students will be required to leave all personal belongings -- including purses, backpacks, and cell phones -- at the side of the exam room.  Langara College cannot take responsibility for the safety of these items; students are advised not to bring valuables to the LET.  Personal items may be reclaimed after the exam is finished.
  • Once the exam starts, students should not leave the exam room until they have completed and handed in the exam. 

Before the exam

Students need to put the following information on the cover of the exam booklet:

  • their full name
    • Students must use the same name or names they used when they registered for the exam.
  • the date of the exam
  • their legal signature in the bottom left of the booklet where it says "signature”
    • A person’s legal signature is, for example, what he or she writes on a credit or debit receipt.

Students also need to print their name on the top of the instruction sheet and the exam sheet, and should read the instruction sheet included with the booklet before beginning the exam.

Writing instructions

  • Write in pen.  Pencil is not acceptable.
  • Write on only one side of the page.
  • Double space (leave one blank line between each line of writing).
  • Spend approximately 30 minutes on the summary and 90 minutes on the essay.
  • Leave yourself time to proofread.
  • Write approximately 100 words for the summary. Be careful to use your own words. Do NOT copy the wording of the original passage.
  • Write approximately 400 words for the essay.
  • Make sure that you finish both parts of the exam.  Incomplete exams will receive a zero.
  • Make sure that you read the essay topic carefully and answer the question asked.  Exams with off-topic essays will be given a zero.
  • Do NOT remove anything from the answer booklet.  Students who remove a page or pages might receive a zero for the exam.

Note: Students who receive a zero have to write the exam again.

Handing in the exam

  • Make sure you have printed your name on the exam booklet, the instruction sheet, and the exam sheet. Also, make sure you have signed the booklet.
  • Bring the booklet, exam sheet, and the instruction sheet to the supervisors at the front of the room.
  • Wait for the supervisors to check your materials.
  • Pick up the green sheet that explains how to find your results and what each score means.
  • Collect all your belongings before you leave.