Who needs to write the LET?

Students who want to take university-transfer English classes and who have less than 70% for English Studies 12, Literary Studies 12, or English First Peoples 12 taken in a BC school, will need to write the LET. Also, some other programs require a LET 3 for registration in their courses.

Will the LET be running during the Summer 2022 term?

Yes. Unless COVID restrictions increase, we will be having regular sittings.

Is the LET online?

No. It is not an online test; it is an in-person exam. Students must come to Langara to write it.

Where does the test take place?

The exam takes place in A130, the large lecture hall in the A building.

What COVID-19 precautions are being taken?

Though masks are no longer required, everyone is strongly encouraged to wear a mask that covers their nose, mouth, and chin. Also, A130 is cleaned frequently.

What happens if the COVID-19 restrictions are increased?

Langara College is required to follow all Ministry of Health COVID-19 guidelines. If the College must cancel LET sittings, students will be notified by email. The LET registration fee will be credited to the student's account.

How often can I write the test?

Currently, you are allowed to register for as many sittings as you like. However, you can register online only once per semester; if you want to register for another sitting in the same semester, you have to do so in person or by phone.

Note that repeating the test is not likely to improve your score, and that the most recent score counts, not the highest one.

How can I register for the LET?

Please note that registration is subject to availability; some sittings are full days before the exam date. Therefore, students should register as early as possible.

 You can register online, in person, or by phone (604-323-5322). Click here for details. 

  • Students will need to bring government-issued photo ID—for example, a passport, a BC driver's license, BC Services Card—to show proof of identity.
  • Students without government-issued photo ID will not be allowed to write the exam. 
What is appropriate as government-issued photo ID for the registration check-in?

Students must bring one of the following forms of photo ID to the exam to show proof of identity:

  • a passport
  • BC Driver's License (out-of-province and international driver's licenses are not accepted)
  • a BC Identification card (BCID)
  • a Photo BC Services Card 

Students who do not have one of these forms of ID should contact the LET Coordinator at least 2 days before the exam date.

Please note the following:

  • The ID presented must be current and in the original form; photocopies or scanned/digital copies are not acceptable.
  • Students with a Langara student card should bring it to the exam as well.  In cases where two or more students have similar names, the Langara student card may be needed to confirm the Langara student number for students without receipts.
  • Students who do not present an accepted form of photo ID will not be permitted to write the exam. They may not transfer the registration, nor is the registration fee refundable.
  • ID presented should match the name under which the student is registered. 

In addition to government-issued photo ID, what else should I bring to the exam?

Bring two pens. If you can, leave your cell phones and other electronic devices at home. You do not need to bring your receipt for the exam.

Something's come up and I can't attend the LET as scheduled. Can I get a refund or transfer my registration to another sitting date?

Except in cases of illness or emergencies, the LET fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you get sick or are asked to self-isolate, contact the LET Coordinator at let@langara.ca before the exam and explain the situation. Documentation might be required.

How can I prepare for the LET?

There is more information here: Preparing for LET


Students who would like even more information and/or practice can buy A Guide to the LET – Preparing for the Langara English Test from the Bookstore. The Guide contains information on

  • how to prepare for the test,
  • sample exam questions and practice summaries,  and
  • information on what each score means. 

Can results be mailed, emailed, or given out over the phone? Can a friend or family member pick up my results for me? 

No, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act does not allow us to use those methods.

Do I need a paper copy of my results?

No, the score is sent directly to Registrar and Enrolment Services.

What if there is no score in my Student Prerequisite file? 

Remember, results are usually available by the Friday following the exam. If, after 10 days, the result is not online, email let@langara.ca.