Policies and By-Laws

A.    Ends Statements

B.    Board Process

C.    Board-President Relationship

D.    Executive Limitations/Risk Management

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B.1. General

B.2. Organization

B.3. Conduct

B.4. Communications

B.5. Information Management

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C.1. General

C.2. Revenue Generation

C.3. Expenditures

C.4. Contracts

C.5. Risk Management

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Human Resources

D.1. General

D.2. Recruitment / Appointment

D.3. Compensation / Classifications

D.4. Duties

D.5. Appraisals / Evaluations

D.6. Professional / Career Development

D.7. Leaves

D.8. Benefits

D.9 Labour Relations

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Student Services

E.1. General (students)

E.2. Admissions / Registrar

E.3. Financial Assistance

E.4. Library

E.5. Media Services

E.6. Bookstore

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Health, Safety & Environment

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