This checklist is designed to assist in the development of college policy and should be reviewed in tandem with the Development Process flowchart.

Provide Rationale for Policy Development

  • Is a policy required?  Can the matter be directed by improved communication or documented procedures?
  • Is there an existing policy with the similar intent?

Obtain Approval to Proceed with Development

  • Discuss policy proposal with the appropriate Executive (President, Vice-President, Associate Vice-President), Education Council Chair (as applicable) or Policy Officer.
  • Upon approval, proceed with policy development.

Develop Draft Policy

  • Have the Content Development Guidelines been reviewed?
  • Have policies from similar institutions been examined for comparison and best practices?
  • Does it conform to relevant legislation or government regulations?
  • Has the policy been assigned a number?
  • Is the policy easy to read and understand?
  • Is procedure separated from the policy? If necessary, consider developing a separate document which can be referenced in the policy.
  • Are key terms in the policy adequately defined?


  • Have subject area experts and/or authorities been consulted?  (eg. Deans and Division Chairs Committee)
  • Have departments who may be impacted by the policy been consulted?

Finalize Draft and Submit for Approval

  • Has the Policy Officer reviewed for compliance and completeness?
  • Has it been reviewed by the applicable Executive Council member?
  • Has the final draft been placed on the agenda of the approving or recommending body? (Board, Education Council, Langara Council)

Once approved, the Policy Officer will provide assistance to post the policy to the website and announce the policy to the College Community.