Flywire Charitable Foundation Scholarships

Applications for the 2021 Flywire Charitable Foundation Scholarships are now open. This year’s themes - Social Justice, Global Health, and Global Citizenship - will be awarded to students with academic pursuits in related disciplines.

A total of seven scholarships of $5,000 USD each will be awarded across the following themes:

Social Justice
As social justice issues such as policing, anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, religious persecution, sexism, racism and sexual violence, have continued to dominate the world news this year, the need for significant social justice reform has only increased. These scholarships aim to support tomorrow’s leaders who will work towards eradicating racism, violence, systemic biases and other acts of intolerance.

Global Health
The COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered just how important all aspects of our global healthcare system is, from frontline workers and community health providers, to researchers, administrators and policy makers. It has also highlighted the urgent need to accelerate the world’s focus on improving public health care and policy for future generations. These scholarships aim to help train future healthcare stakeholders taking on these complex challenges.

Global Citizenship
COVID-19 has created a shared global experience that has united the world in an unprecedented way, yet this time period has also brought global challenges that have underscored the need for increased dialogue, education and the fostering of knowledge around diverse cultures, languages, backgrounds and political systems. These scholarships aim to support students who are pursuing a career or passion in areas that will have a positive global impact and will promote the values of global citizenship.


  • The scholarships are open to Undergraduate & Graduate students worldwide
  • Matriculating and currently enrolled students are welcome to apply
  • Open to all majors
  • Each student can only apply to one of the three scholarships.


  • Applications MUST be submitted by Monday, June 21st, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST / Tuesday, June 22nd 3:59 pm GMT. Please note that any applications submitted after this point will not be accepted or reviewed.
  • Winners will be notified via the email provided by Tuesday, July 27th.
  • Scholarship funds will be distributed directly to your institution shortly thereafter.

How to Apply

All eligible applicants must complete the application form below, indicating which scholarship they are applying for.
Submission of an essay or video responding to the below prompt is required within the application form.

  • Videos should be mp4 or mov format and should be between 1–3 minutes in length.
  • Essays should be one-page typed (12-point standard style font, 1-inch margins) in PDF format. All applications must be submitted in English.

Essay/Video Prompt
In your one comprehensive essay or video, please provide clear answers to the following questions:

  1. Tell us about yourself: what are you studying and at what university?
  2. What hurdles have you had to overcome to pursue your studies?
  3. What do you hope to achieve with your education and how does it relate to the theme of the scholarship you have selected?

Selection Criteria

A select committee of Flywire Charitable Foundation members and diverse global Flywire employees will review each application individually. The criteria used in the selection process are:

  1. Adherence to Prompt: The applicant meets all requirements, clearly addresses the questions posed by Flywire, and demonstrates how their studies relate to the scholarship they have selected.
  2. Persistence: The applicant provides a clear overview of their personality, interests and values and shows evidence of determination and resilience when faced with obstacles.
  3. Leadership: The applicant describes their personal, academic and/or career goals and indicates how their educational pursuits are helping them achieve stated goals.

Apply Now

Access the application form here.


Use of Voice, image and likeness. By submitting my application for a scholarship, I give Flywire permission to use any and all of my voice, image and likeness, with or without using my name, in connection with the scholarship program, for the purposes of advertising and promoting such scholarship program and/or Flywire, and/or for other purposes deemed appropriate by Flywire in its reasonable discretion, except to the extent expressly prohibited by law.

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