The Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada Student Leadership Award is available in 2024 to women who are registered at any Member Institution of CIC (Colleges and Institutes Canada) within the western provinces of Canada, and who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the college or general community while maintaining exemplary academic records. Additional information about this award can be found on the Senior Women Academic Administrators webpage.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A woman currently registered as a student at Langara College.
  • Applicant can demonstrate outstanding academic performance.
  • Applicant can provide evidence of leadership, including but not limited to such things as:
    • executive positions in student organizations.
    • participation on committees (student committees and college committees).
    • organization of special events, conferences, etc.
    • involvement in advocacy groups.
    • involvement in volunteer organizations, within the campus setting, and/or in the general community.
    • innovative/creative problem-solving or overcoming personal challenges.

Applications are now closed, and a nomination has been provided to the Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada on behalf of Langara College. We thank all students who indicated their interest and submitted applications for consideration.

For any questions relating to this award, please email