You must apply as early as possible for student loan funding!

To apply for BC Student Loans go to and apply now for the Summer Semester 2024 (May–August).

The BC Ministry of Education pays tuition and fees directly to Langara College from all approved BC/Canada Student Loan funds (daycare fees are exempt from this direct payment). There are maximum amounts that can be requested from term to term, so students are responsible for ensuring the amount sent to Langara College from the BC Ministry of Education is enough to cover their tuition and fees. Please make sure to check your account balance by visiting Langara's login page. If the student loan funding is insufficient to cover tuition and fees, students must pay the difference.

Students must also pay the College or be refunded, when there are subsequent changes to study costs, resulting from adding or dropping courses.

In order to be eligible for a fee deferral and avoid being dropped from your courses for non-payment, you must qualify under one of the following categories:

Fee Deferral Categories

Students who have received approvals for their BC/Canada Student Loans:

  • If you receive approval before 2100 hours on April 19, 2024 an automatic fee deferral for tuition and fees will be processed and you will not be dropped from your courses.
  • Visit Langara's login page, under ‘Account Balance & Payments’, to check if this deferral is in place.

Students with approved out-of-province loan funding:

  • If you are receiving a student loan from another province, you may apply to the Financial Aid Office for the Deferred Payment Plan before the fee payment deadline. You must provide written documentation of the approval and funds pending. Contact the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible, to apply for the deferral.

Students receiving sponsorship funding:

  • If you expect to receive sponsorship funding, you are required to provide written documentation of approval and funds pending to Student Accounts no later than 1600 hours on April 19, 2024. For Student Account’s contact information, please click here.
  • Please do not contact the Financial Aid Office in regards to sponsorship funding.

Note: Students enrolled in half-semester courses may not be eligible for student loan funding. See the Financial Aid Office for options.